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May 20, 2019

Matthew McConaughey Receives High School Diploma 31 Years After Initially Graduating

Matthew McConaughey gave the commencement speech at his alma mater, receiving his original high school diploma in the process.

10 Crazy Expensive Celebrity Graduation Speakers

Maybe this will help explain why tuition is so high. If you are anything like me, you probably grew up...

May 27, 2015

Matthew McConaughey UH Grad Speech: 10 Quotes & Lessons

He only costs $140,000. Wait...what?

May 21, 2015

Mar 9, 2015

14 Celebrity Boyfriend Types You Wish You Had

Celebrities – they’re just like us, right? Well, it seems to most of us that all the perfect men out...

Jan 13, 2015

Young Matthew McConaughey Will Make You Feel Some Type Of Way

While Magic Mike was a nice moment for him, this is 1 minute and 27 seconds of heaven.

Mar 12, 2014

Where Did Matthew McConaughey's "Alright, Alright, Alright" Come From?

You probably know Matthew McConaughey's classic "alright, alright, alright" line was first heard in Dazed and Confused, but the phrase wasn't written into the movie's script.

Mar 8, 2014

Why Matthew McConaughey Is Having A Better Year Than Everyone

Matthew McConaughey is literally the hottest person in existence right now. Winning awards left and right, starring in meaningful movies, changing the face of television -- and looking completely beautiful the whole way through.

Nov 16, 2012

Jared Leto Is Cross-Dressing, Has AIDS [Candy Dish]

Jared Leto is playing a cross-dressing AIDS patient in The Dallas Buyers Club, which also stars the ever-shrinking Matthew McConaughey who has dropped a considerable amount of weight for the role.

Jun 27, 2012

5 Days of Magic: Matthew McConaughey [Photos]

He's notorious for not being able to keep a shirt on, and Magic Mike may have taught him that pants are evil, too.

Oct 31, 2011

Oops, Celebs Did It Again

You would think that with all the resources celebs have at their fingertips, they could avoid making mistakes that make them look stupid. Well, I guess celebrities don't think to utilize those resources because they are too busy tweeting or reading movie scripts. So when celebs make mistakes, I guess they just need a good PR team.

Aug 19, 2011

Candy Dish: Everybody's Surfing

•Guess which pop diva know her way with the board •There are so many hot men in Steven Soderbergh's new film •Sex-proof make-up tips •The myth behind the faked orgasm •Which couple are back on? •Get Jennifer Aniston's cute travel look for less •Brad Pitt gets a sandwich named after him

Nov 5, 2010

Weekly Wrap Up: Sound Off!

As the country voted in our nation's midterm elections, debating over red states and blue, the heated discussions carried over from politics to pop culture here at CollegeCandy. In a week that was filled with scintillating stories and outspoken debate, we loved hearing where you landed on some of the hot-button topics we brought up.