Aug 10, 2011

30 "Got Milk?" Ads from Today AND Back in the Day

A few weeks ago, the seemingly innocent "Got Milk?" team launched their raciest campaign yet: a sexist, controversial set of ads that tries to imply that drinking milk reduces the effects of PMS. The ridiculous and offensive ads went viral and received tons of criticism until the Got Milk? corporation decided to pull the ads off all media outlets (while still claiming the campaign was a "huge success").

Aug 7, 2010

Notes from an Incidental Vegan

“I’m a vegan.” Though you are seeing those words on the internet, I am fairly certain you have a mental image of the girl you ascribe them to. She probably has long hair, perhaps in dreadlocks, and there’s not a doubt that she drives her Prius to Omega for summer vacation, right? Wrong.

Do It Yourself Tuesdays: Make Your Own Yogurt!

We all love yogurt—it packs the power of protein, it tastes great, and it goes with pretty much anything. Slop it on top of some cereal, and there’s breakfast. Yogurt with fresh berries and honey makes a good snack or a small lunch. And fresh yogurt can be used to make curries, raita, or other delicious dinner sauces.

May 12, 2009

Central Perk-y Boobs

Ever since I started watching “Friends,” I always wanted a cute little coffee shop I could go to with my...

Feb 25, 2009

CollegeCandy’s Top 10 Films of 2008

If you missed the following films last year, the good news is that many of them are on DVD already,...

Dec 30, 2008

Nov 1, 2008

Stay Starbucks Savvy…at Home!

If you’re as addicted to caffeine as I am, you are probably broke (not to mention a real gem in...

Oct 25, 2008

Not-So-College Cocktail Recipes

Just because you’re a college student doesn’t mean you have to drink like one. I mean, come on; vodka and...

Oct 20, 2008

A Fall Twist on a Frozen Favorite: The Pumpkin Mudslide

The leaves are changing color, Halloween and Thanksgiving are just around the corner, and the frozen drinks of summer are...

Oct 18, 2008

A Little Candy (Dish) for Your Sweetest Day

Happy Sweetest Day, ladies. Time to snuggle up with that sweet person in your life and tell one another how...

Oct 14, 2008

Dirt for Dessert. Mmmmm.

Somewhere along the way, someone always manages to find a way to make something that seems disgusting into an incredibly...

Oct 6, 2008

Delicious Potato Soup: Vegetarian, Gets You Through the Cold Months, Warms the Kishkas

Mmmmm, potato soup. When it’s cold outside and you just want something nice and warm and hearty to get you...

Sep 29, 2008

PETA Says, The (Human) Breast is Best!

Recently, PETA issued a letter to ice cream moguls Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield suggesting that instead of using cow...

Sep 23, 2008

Easy Homemade Mac

I’m guilty—I have, on ravenous occasions, busted out a package of Easy Mac, thrust it in the microwave, and unceremoniously...

Aug 13, 2008

Cooking Diva: Simple Substitutions

I’m sure I am not the only one who knows how frustrating it is to find the perfect recipe, start...