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May 10, 2010

The Weekly Ten: The Lies Mama Tells Us

We love our mommies. So very much. In fact, I spent all weekend baking, shopping, dancing and watching the Betty White SNL with my beautiful mom for the momentous Mother's Day. My mom is the coolest, most beautiful, intelligent, sincere woman in the entire universe. She gives great advice and shares clothes with me. Not like a regular mom, she's a cool. mom.

May 7, 2010

The CC Weekly Weigh In: Lessons From Mom

The best teachers in life are mothers. They guide us, show us, and enlighten us from the moment we are born. I know my mom has taught me a lot. She taught me how to parallel park, she taught me how to put on pantyhose without tearing them, and she showed me how to take on a lot and handle it all with poise. Most importantly, she taught me how to get my dad to do what I wanted while making him believe he came up with the idea himself. Priceless.

Apr 1, 2010

Coupled. In Church

In the few weeks before I moved away for college 3 years ago, I remember being over at a friend's house when the topic of religion in college was brought up by her mom. She was a big supporter of being active in a church at school, arguing that it was the best place to meet like-minded people. "If you find someone in college that you fall in love with, it'll be a heck of a lot easier if they're the same religion as you."

Sick Day, Then and Now

It's a hard knock life, being ill. Especially at the age of 21, while attending college where you are hardly ever alone, and (I am convinced) the terms 'Sunday Funday' and 'Thirsty Thursday' were invented. It's not like it used to be, back in elementary school, when you'd fake a cough just to stay home and enjoy that coveted sick day. Now, well, I really miss thosesick days...

Overheard: Slim Pickings

(Girl, complaining in the student union lounge.) Girl: I used to like Gaga, you know, back when I thought she was a hermaphrodite. Like, I'd watch her, and I'd be like "yeah, this is good, I like this," but I was always on my toes. Because you never know when something might just - pop out! It was exciting.

Jan 17, 2010

Coupled. The Go-To Gal

As I said last week, when I'm with my friends I tend to feel like the mom of the group. Well, I've recently discovered that there are some perks to being the momma of the group and the only girl in my group in a long term relationship. I've become the one that everyone else comes to for advice or when they have an awkward relationship/sex questions.

May 10, 2009

The Best Thing My Mother Ever Gave Me

My mom does a lot of really annoying things: She calls me really early in the morning, or really late at night. To talk about reality TV shows. Whenever I'm on the phone with her, she hangs up abruptly to get another call...without saying goodbye. She pees with the door open in the powder room on the main floor of our house.

May 8, 2009

The Weekly Wrap Up: Here’s To You, Mom!

Another week has come and gone bringing us very close to Mother’s Day. Thankfully, it doesn’t take much to please our mom, so we made her something with our very own hands. We would have gone all out and splurged for her, but we just didn’t have the time with all that studying (and trying to win $100 to Amazon!) and preparing for the ever depressing college graduation.

May 8, 2009

Super Last Minute Gift Ideas for Mom

So, only 2 days till Mother’s Day...“Whaaaaat???” Don’t worry — we have you covered. Here are a few gift ideas you can quickly whip together that your #1 Momma is bound to enjoy ( and 2/5 are FREE!).

May 8, 2009

The CC Weekly Weigh In: Love You, Mama!

Most of us don't appreciate our mothers as much as we should. In fact, I'm pretty sure Kanye West was the only person ever to truly idolize and appreciate everything his mother did for him. I mean, the guy wrote her a song! And what did you do? Buy the woman some almost-dead tulips?!

May 5, 2009

Make Your Own Mother’s Day Gifts!

There is officially less than a week left until Mother's Day. I know - that little holiday totally sneaks up on you when you are swamped with exams, packing, and living out the final days of the school year. But don't panic if you forgot (and your mom hasn't been dropping hints every day as to what she wants).

Apr 7, 2009

Strangers with Candy…Or Condoms

Remember when you were little, and your parents gave you that "Don't talk to strangers" lecture? Well, approximately a decade or so later, we find ourselves in college. At bars. Talking to strangers.

Jan 29, 2009

A Cautionary Tale from a College Disaster: Presidential Promises

Although the President of a college or university is the top administrator in charge (on campus – the Board of...