Mar 2, 2021

6 Things I’ve Learned Since Moving Out

Moving away for the first time can be a scary, yet exciting thing in life. There are freedoms and the...

20 Struggles Only People Who Live Alone Can Relate To

To many, living alone seems ideal: You get your own personal space, you can finally decorate your home or apartment ...

Sep 5, 2015

Moving On Up: 5 Questions Every New College Grad Should Ask Themselves When Moving

Moving to a new city can be exhilarating, if you know what to expect.

Aug 20, 2015

Sep 2, 2012

Chronicles Of The City: 5 Things That Happen When You Move

It amazes me how quickly things change when you move to a new city. It happens when you go off to college, but the changes seem more drastic now.

Aug 19, 2012

That Time I Moved To New York

Recent events in my life have caused me to pick up my life in the South and relocate to Manhattan. Totally awesome, right? Right!

Aug 5, 2012

5 Things To Do When You Move

For the past two weeks, I’ve been running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to prepare...

Apr 10, 2012

Tuffy Luv Nurses You To Health

Graduating with a nursing degree and no clue where to move when you graduate? Tuffy Luv even has answers for that!

Jul 14, 2011

Welcome to the Real World: Finding Your First Apartment

This past Saturday I finally moved into my new apartment with my old best friend. We started out apartment hunt June 1st…looked at over 20 apartments, and finally found one we liked. It's a work in progress.

Jan 4, 2011

The Post-Grad Journey: Time to Move On

In the spirit of being a post-grad and in lieu of the New Year, I have decided to jump start 2011 in a major way. I’m moving. Again.

Dec 5, 2010

True Story: My Parents Moved to a Different State While I Was in College

I was born in Quincy, Illinois. I moved to Abilene, Texas when I was eight years old when my mom was offered a huge promotion from the company she worked for. I moved to Austin, Texas for college when I was eighteen, which is where I am now. And then a year ago, the company my mom had worked for for 21 years laid her off (damn recession).

Aug 20, 2010

Single. The Downsides

As much as I love being single (and I promise I do. I mean not THAT much has changed since last week), I do have to acknowledge that there are a few aspects of being single that suck.

Jul 29, 2010

Coupled. And Saying Goodbye (For Now)

Does anyone else find it highly disturbing that it’s not even August and the networks are rolling out the “Back to School” specials and commercials? Maybe I’m just in denial, maybe I want summer to stretch on forever, but it definitely seems too soon to head back to school.