Sep 28, 2016

5 Awkward Ways to Boost Your Network in College

Jussie Smollett did it and so can you.

Sep 20, 2013

5 Lessons College Should Teach You, But Doesn’t

None of the theory and not all of the internships are going to provide you with some very basic lessons that you need to know, not just for when you get out of college, but while you’re in it, too.

Feb 22, 2012

Web Spy: Zumeo

If you do want to start thinking about finding a job after you graduate, a great site called Zumeo can help you along the way! With Zumeo, you can set yourself apart from other job-seekers by creating a three-in-one "mini professional website" that includes a professional profile, your resumé and portfolio.

Candy Dish: Cheap Candy

•The trick to getting cheaper international flightsSubtle ways to spend less on your bills •How awesome is your bucket list? $500 worth of awesome? •5 Easy ways to ruin your finances •The problem of making too much money...yes it happens •How to get internet videos on your TV for cheap •The easy way to curb your impulse buying

Sep 15, 2011

5 Life Skills High Schools Should be Teaching Seniors

Here's something you probably already know...high school students aren't exactly happy with their education. At least that's what Jezebel is telling us. Apparently high school students feel like their education is not preparing them enough for college.

Apr 25, 2011

Web Spy: FellowUp

Any of your professors, parents, or alumni friends will tell you that one of the most important things you can do in college to help you get a job after graduation is networking. Establishing solid relationships with your professors, peers, and alumni in your field can lead to opportunities that might not otherwise be open to you.

Apr 6, 2011

Mar 9, 2011

How to Beat the Economic Doldrums

Straight from the dorm onto the street. This might seem to be the fate threatening college students graduating in our current economic doldrums. But there may be hope. There are methods for making yourself more appealing to potential employers.

Dec 14, 2009

College Grads Aren’t Getting Jobs, But You Can!

When we all entered our senior year of high school, the question on everyone's mind was where they'd be going to college. We worked our asses off to get decent SAT scores and spent every weekend for months writing essays about why we were more wonderful than the thousands of other students applying for the same coveted place on campus.

Aug 5, 2009

Intern Diaries: Wrapping Up

It’s finally here: week ten of my summer internship at Magazine X in New York City. I’m proud to report that I’ve made it through numerous days of unpaid labor and braved the horrible commuting conditions, and I actually managed to have a pretty good time while doing so. So what have I learned?

Jul 27, 2009

Gradvice: It’s All About Who You Know

I've learned many lessons since graduating from college. I've learned that buying a pair of shoes isn't as important as eating dinner, that keeping in touch with friends is hard and that your first job out of college isn't always as amazing as you think it will be. But the biggest and most important lesson I've learned is that networking is the key to success.

May 29, 2009

Crappy Internship? Make the Most of It…

Last spring, I was gearing up to graduate and was waiting for the job offers to come rolling in. Instead, the only opportunity that came my way was a summer internship. At the time, I was making plenty of money waiting tables, but I knew that the added experience of an internship would add to my credentials-- even if it meant taking a pay cut.

Apr 28, 2009

Finding a Job Isn’t Impossible – Just Get Creative!

As the semester comes to a close, one thing that's on my mind (and the minds of most everyone I know) besides finals and start-of-summer parties is getting a job. Whether it's a summer job, internship, or, if you're graduating like I am, an entry-level position into a career, finding a job is a top priority.

Apr 8, 2009

Internship Lowdown: Where to Look

I hate to break it to you, but if you're planning on sacrificing your summer for an internship this year, now is the time to start searching, applying, and interviewing.

Jan 10, 2009

Facebook Resolutions

New Years resolutions were made (and probably broken ), but here is a new set of important resolutions that you...

Nov 14, 2008

Candy Dish: Anand Jon Goes Out Of Style And Into The Slammer

  Life in prison for this fashionable felon. President-Elect Obama loves YouTube! Paula might be leaving American Idol. Is Kim...