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New York Times

Sep 20, 2011

Sex in the News: A Reaction to a Reaction to “Sluts”

This month, Lisa Belkin, a writer for The New York Times’ Motherlode blog, wrote about her own disbelief and utter shock towards the following message sent by the Sigma Nu fraternity of Duke University: “Hey Ladies, Whether your dressing up as a slutty nurse, a slutty doctor, a slutty schoolgirl or just a slut, we invite you…” Lisa Belkin admitted to being stunned by the message.

Jun 20, 2011

Living Off Your Parents Post-Grad: Cool or Downright Ridiculous?

No, I’m not talking about moving home with your parents, which I fully support. The New York Times recently published an article about the current trend of parents purchasing shiny new NYC apartments for their kids as a graduation present.

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Jan 11, 2011

The Post-Grad Journey: Slapped by the LSAT

After months of studying and working my post-grad ass off for the LSAT, I finally got my score.

Snooki and Elaine from ‘Seinfeld’: Separated at Birth?

Earlier this week, the New York Times posted one of their chuckle-worthy trend pieces on how the look of Seinfeld icon Elaine Benes is suddenly de rigeur among fashionistas.

Sep 1, 2010

What Does Adulthood Mean for 20-somethings?

I am the perfect product of a 20-something generation. I am 23 years old, I've graduated college, I'm single and I live at home with my parentals (wow, typing it in a sentence just made me realize how pathetic it all sounds). I'm doing a bit of freelance blogging and slowly looking for jobs (by slowly I mean sifting through jobs that don't give me a heartbeat and leaving my energy for the ones I truly love).

Faking It Like a Pro

There are some things you shouldn't fake but you do anyway. We've all done it. I did it last night. Heavy breathing, a little writhing, a moan or two, and you're got yourself a straight up 'big O.' Hey I just wanted to get some sleep, I was too damn tired for a marathon sex sesh.

Jul 24, 2010

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Feb 8, 2010

Does Supply and Demand Apply to College Dating?

Not only does college leave me stumped in my latest lecture, the daily grind leaves me scratching my head as well. Especially when it comes to my questionable relationships with men boys. Countless hours spent over-analyzing his latest text, the way he touched my arm in the bar, and how many days it took him to finally pitch me a Facebook message... It's exhausting.

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Feb 8, 2010

Body Blog: Less Time, More Rewards

I know that if I don't clock in at least thirty minutes of cardio per session, I feel like my gym outing has been a waste and a failure. And I'm always hard on myself if I leave without doing crunches, even if I've run a couple of miles. In short -- going to the gym has become about the time clock, but according to a study published in the New York Times, I'm going about things all wrong!

Jan 27, 2010

Do You Suffer From Green Stress?

For the past few months I’ve been talking your ear off about why the earth is in trouble and how you can go green to save our environment. And while it’s great to do whatever you can to protect the planet, there is such a thing as caring a little too much. According to the New York Times, there has been an increasing amount of people that report anxiety and stress because they feel like they are never as green as they would like to be.

Jan 18, 2010

Body Blog: Feel The (After)Burn?

Ever wonder why those treacherous treadmill sessions haven't turned you into the next Gisele? Are you one of those people who thinks that you can eat a slice of pizza after leaving the gym because the body is supposed to burn more fat on days that you exercise? Well, step away from the pizza, woman.

Oct 30, 2009

Elementary Schools Put The Lame in Halloween

Elementary school sure has changed since we were kids. Today, recess is getting shorter, cafeterias are getting healthier, and Halloween is getting much, much less fun.

Sep 18, 2009

Lessons Learned from Annie Le

If you’ve read any news blogs or even watched a televised newscast in the last week and a half, chances are that you’ve heard the tragic story of Annie Le, the Yale grad student who disappeared ten days ago. Her body was found hidden inside a wall at the building where she worked last Sunday—which was to have been her wedding day. Now a lab technician named Raymond Clark has been charged with Annie’s murder.

Aug 31, 2009

Body Blog: Running is Good for Your Knees?!

Too many times, my running activity is hindered by pain. After numerous doctor's visits and trips to the physical therapist, I've learned that chondromalacia patella or "Runner's Knee" is the cause. This is when your knee cap rubs against one side of the knee joint ... ugh, I just cringe at the thought of it.

Jul 29, 2009

Fit Finds: Core Over Crunch

So you’re determined to get those rock-hard, washboard, Jessica Alba abs. And you even stepped up the intensity of your workout by increasing those crunches and sit-ups to ensure that your stomach is flat in no time. Well, its time to stop that. Right now.

Jul 7, 2009

A Child Called “It”

So I was reading the news the other day--you know, the usual depressing stuff about the economy and my freakshow state government--when I came across an item that made me literally spit out my iced chai in bewildered shock.

Jun 29, 2009

Move Aside, Men: Why Women Should Dominate the Workplace

Although we gals have pushed, yelled and fought for our rights for decades, it’s an unfortunate fact that men dominate a number of professions in the U.S. (and often make more money than women doing the same things). Can we imagine a world where estrogen ruled, women weren’t subjected to workplace prejudices, and men were delegated to diaper duty?

Jun 25, 2009

Girl Crush Revamped: Neda Agha-Soltan

Demonstrations and riots broke out in the city of Tehran last week when voting results confirmed that the conservative candidate Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had defeated former prime minister Mir Hussein Moussavi. The protesters, many of whom are women, believe that Ahmadinejad was re-elected unfairly and through a corrupt voting process.

Jun 24, 2009

Add A Dash For Weight Loss?

Always looking for new ways to curb your appetite and shed those stubborn pounds? Now that bikini season’s among us (or at least among those of us that don’t live on the East Coast, where it’s been raining for about 10 days now), finding a way to cut calories and look good on the beach is on everyone’s mind. Enter Sensa.

Jun 17, 2009

Intern Diaries: Dealing With Downtime

If your internship is anything like mine, not every hour in your 9-5 day is filled with important tasks and urgent errands. Although I certainly have things to keep me occupied, a less than full schedule can make the time spent in your little cubicle feel awfully long and completely brutal.

May 29, 2009

Hugging is a Dirty, Dirty Thing?

Everybody’s doing it. There’s different types, names, and ways to do it. Two girls, one guy. One girl, one guy. Two guys. You name it, it happens. And according to New York City’s most trusted paper, this oh-so unusual and odd act causes “peer pressure,” and is leaving parents “baffled.” That’s right everybody, we’re talking about hugging.

Apr 23, 2009

Friends Lead to Longer Lives

We all know that eating right, exercising, drinking lots of water (not excessive amounts of alcohol), and not smoking increase your health and your chances of living longer overall. But let's be honest--how many of us actually do all those things, all of the time?

Mar 27, 2009

What Kind of Tech-Whore Are You?

The New York Times is reporting on a new study of American media consumption that says the average person spends 8.5 hours every day in front of some sort of media screen (television, computer, cellphone, etc.).

Feb 20, 2009

Do College Students Deserve an “A” For Effort?

A recent article (seriously, you are gonna want to read this one) in the New York Times studied college students...

Feb 15, 2009

The Pissed List: It’s All Too Much

[I like to think of myself as a pretty easy going gal, and try not to sweat the small stuff....

Jan 2, 2009

Universities Profit From Student Credit Card Debt

Don’t deny it; you know you have a closet full of free t-shirts you got when you signed up for...

Dec 7, 2008

Top 5 Things You MUST Do In College Pt. 5: Write For The School Paper…At Least Once

[The following is the final installment of a five-part series I’m calling “The Top 5 Things You MUST Do In...

Dec 6, 2008

The Love List: Tis the Season for Gap Scarves, Embarrassing Photos and Things That Will Make You Fat.

Welcome to my Weekly Love List. A list, on all things I love. Because if I love them – well...

Nov 11, 2008

Happenin’ Holiday Gift Ideas To Get You Started This Season

It may only be early November, but the holidays are approaching fast.  Just like your major term paper due this...

Oct 21, 2008

Studies Show: The iPod Will Make Us Deaf

Listen up, iPod users (while you still can). You may love listening to your music on the way to class,...

Oct 20, 2008

Do You Blog? Do You Want $10,000?

You felt like you have something to say to the world, so you started blogging. You may not be some...

Oct 15, 2008

Before You Vote: Vote on the Truth, Not on your Truthiness.

While I may be one of the only people still undecided for the upcoming election, I came across something today...

Oct 13, 2008

“James Franco is Perfect” says Computer, New York Times

Taking a break from reporting the woes of the global financial crisis, today the New York Times reports that actor...