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Dec 10, 2015

12 Things You Were Probably Doing When 'Elf' Came Out

Will Ferrell and Elf were the silver Christmasy lining to an overall fail of a year.

Nov 30, 2015

The Guys From Those Mary-Kate & Ashley Movies You Worshipped Are Still Hot AF

Now that Mary-Kate is officially off the market, we thought it was time to revisit her former on-screen flames.

6 'Friends' Fashion Trends That We’re Obsessed With Now

From crop tops to mom jeans, we’re seeing that history really does repeat itself.

Nov 26, 2015

Nickelodeon Is Finally Giving Us The Scoop On Arnold's Parents From 'Hey Arnold!'

Any 90s kid knows that one of the greatest unsolved mysteries has nothing to do with aliens or hidden treasure.

Nov 23, 2015