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Apr 5, 2011

He Said/She Said: I Need More than Just a Willing Partner

The random hook up. Probably the only thing more common at a college party than drunk people screaming to Journey. That's why people are there, isn't it? That's why we girls spend hours picking out outfits that are sexy without being too slutty, and risking third degree burns with a flat iron.

Mar 25, 2011

Can We Stop the Slut Shaming Now?

Our society has incredibly dysfunctional, scary, and repressive ways of approaching sexuality, especially female sexuality. If we dare to step outside those narrowly defined boundaries, society finds it completely acceptable to hurl words like "slut" and "whore" at us. We're called sluts for endless reasons: our hair is too big, our nails are too red, we wear too much glitter, our skirts are too short, we look like we may enjoy giving blow jobs, we dance too suggestively, our sense is humor is too raunchy...

Mar 25, 2011

Friday Faves: Surviving the Post-Hookup Reunion

One of the most awkward moments in a college student's life is the reunion; you know, the run-in/re-introduction/avoidance that can only come following a random hook up. It is one of the many moments in college that we try to avoid, this one being up there with “hangover for an exam” and “beer poop in the library.”

He Said/She Said: Decoding Text Messages

Sigh. The text message. So few letters, so many hours spent analyzing it. And throw in some punctuation? My god, you might as well have me solve a trig equation. Ambiguous text messages leave so many of us ladies staring blankly at our cell phone screens, a look of completely confusion on our faces (and not always due to auto correct).

Single Girl Society: Sometimes A Hookup is Just A Hookup

So after a few too many neon blue shots, you’ve let yourself throw caution to the wind and you’ve found yourself in a pretty disconcerting position with your crush or even worse, a guy friend. In the heat of the moment, you’ve shared a steamy night with a guy that’s got you reelin’ for more, not just physically but emotionally too.

He Said/She Said: Your Place or Mine?

Call me a whore (why not, my mother does), but I love me some casual hook ups. There's something thrilling about going out, chatting it up with a hottie in a great pair of jeans, and heading home to tear off those jeans and get it on. Alcohol fueled or not, I love the whole carnal passion element of it all.

Feb 21, 2011

We've All Been There: The One Night Stand

You’re at a house party or a bar... or in line to get into a house party or bar. It doesn’t matter. Wherever you are, you’ve just spotted a very handsome boy and you want to talk to him. You turn to your friends and point him out.

Feb 15, 2011

He Said/She Said: Dormcest

For many students, college, like Las Vegas, is the land of indulgence. From the all-you-can-eat buffets in the cafeteria to the endless kegs at house parties, if you want something, you got it. Here. Now. Until you burst (or barf). And that goes for hooking up, too.

Feb 10, 2011

Men vs. Women: What Each Gender Really Thinks About V-DAY

Valentine's Day is right around the corner which means you're either spending way too much time debating if your not-boyfriend-boyfriend is going to take you on a date or you've already picked out the sweatpants you're going to wear and the tub of ice cream you're going to eat. Or are you? Our galpals over at Tressugar conducted a survey about what each gender thinks about February 14th.

Feb 8, 2011

He Said/She Said: Swiping the V-Card

I was with my boyfriend for three months the first time sex (and, simultaneously, something else, if you know what I'm sayin'....) presented itself. It was his birthday, we were in his bed, neither of us were wearing clothes, and after an hour of a whole lot of other stuff, I was ready for it. And it was my first time.

Feb 7, 2011

Body Blog: A Little Bit Goes a Long Way

Have you ever stayed up all night studying for a final? Blood shot eyes, empty coffee cups, pages and pages of know, the works. Do you remember sitting there wishing you had diligently studied all semester long, gone to class or stayed awake during the Powerpoint presentation? Well, I'm here to let you know that just like studying, the same goes for good health and fitness.

Jan 25, 2011

Tuffy Luv Sez: Don't Give Up Something Good

I used to be a real shut-in in high school and didn't really get around as much as others my age. I only ever had one boyfriend before him and am not exactly very experienced in these kinds of things. Now that I'm in college and I'm a lot more outgoing, adventurous and, well, hotter than I used to be, I find myself wishing I was single just so I could try all this stuff college girls do.

Dec 24, 2010

Friday Faves: Am I Too Picky?

Someone once told me that the reason I’m still single is because my standards are too high. I laughed in her face, flipping through a mental catalog of the disgusting creatures who’ve woken up in my bed. “Au contraire,” I told her. “I think my standards are non existent.”