Pamela Anderson

Sep 2, 2016

Pamela Anderson Wants Men to Stay Away From the Adult Entertainment Industry

The 15-time Playboy cover model has a surprising opinion on the adult film industry.

Dec 20, 2015

Miley Cyrus Goes "Topless" With Pamela Anderson At L.A. Concert

Is anyone really surprised by anything Miley Cyrus does these days?

Mar 23, 2012

Celebrities With Sex Tapes [Photos]

There are actually so many celeb sex tapes that there is an entry on Wikipedia explaining what a celeb sex tape is and the strange ways that sex tapes have made people more famous. And while stars like Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian managed to use their sex tapes to extend their 15 minutes of fame, there are countless B, C and D-list celebs whose amateur videos earned nothing more than a "WTF?!"

Candy Dish: Repeat Offender

•Dear Kat von D, are you really surprised Jesse James cheated? •Pamela Anderson as the Virgin Mary?  Oh Canada •Refresh your brain during a long day •Our favorite vampire love stories •Is Brad Pitt done with acting? •The best and the worst at the Hollywood Style Awards

Nov 14, 2011

10 Celebs and The Secrets Behind Their Scents

Reese Witherspoon is launching her own fragrance. I mean what celebrity doesn't have a fragrance these days? I mean, no, really, what celebrity doesn't? Reese Witherspoon is actually the 465th celebrity to ever do this. That's a lot of celebrities and definitely a lot of scents, which has gotten me thinking. How exactly do they create these scents? What exactly are the ingredients? They must be relevant to the celebs themselves right?

Apr 13, 2011

Canadian CelebSpotting: Did You Know These Celebs Were Canucks?

With the Winter Olympics in full swing, all of the world’s attention is focused on Canada. And in addition to figure skating and snowboarding and skeleton (?!) a new Olympic sport has arisen—one that we plebeians can play from our couches! I like to call it “Canadian CelebSpotting.”

Feb 23, 2010

Jan 8, 2010

Candy Dish: WTF Was Beyonce Doing on NYE?

• Did Beyonce perform for terrorists?! • Britney's back on the market. • And so is Pamela Anderson. Oooo competition! • Plastic surgery: there's an app for that. • Ew! Morgan Freeman is creepy! • You can never have too much shirtless Ryan Reynolds.

Sep 29, 2009

Candy Dish: Who Isn’t Designing Clothes These Days?

• Pamela Anderson is a "fashion" designer. • 8 habits that wreck a relationship. • Jamie Kennedy is a dawg. • We're still mad for plaid. • Megan Fox knows her role. • Everyone needs a little purple in their closet.

Feb 28, 2009

All Made Up: Walking the Lip Line

Lip Liner – most college age girls skip it all together and, quite frankly, probably associate it with crazy old...

Feb 20, 2009

Candy Dish: How Could Chris Brown Do That?

Picture of Rihanna after her allegedly being beaten by boyfriend, Chris Brown. I’m rooting for Kate Winslet for Best Actress…...

Feb 19, 2009

Candy Dish: The Next American Idol?

So, who made it through to the American Idol finals? Keep the roommates from eating those leftovers from home. Spring...

Dec 12, 2008

Candy Dish: Hugh Jackman Turns Up The Heat at This Year’s Oscars

Sexiest man aliv, Mr. Hugh Jackman hosts this year’s Oscar’s. S&M Barbie…definitely not for kids. Perfect gift for that friend...

Nov 13, 2008

Candy Dish: Pam Is Classy, Bye-Bye Lipstick

  Pamela Anderson is glamorous enough for Vivienne Westwood? WHAT? Please, don’t drink the Kool-Aid. Saturday Night Live will have...

Sep 19, 2008

Candy Dish: Katie Holmes on Broadway!

How was Katie Holmes’ debut on Broadway? It’s hard not to get laid these days, but some guys are just...

Sep 11, 2008

Candy Dish: So Cute, Yet So Heartbreaking

Ryan and Rachel back together?  Good for them…sniff… Pamela Anderson don’t speak well He loves his manscara Pants Off Dance...