Mar 23, 2012

8 Cliche Things to Do On Campus Now That It's Spring

Spring is finally here and I couldn't be happier! The only problem is that I can hardly stand to sit in class when it's sunny and beautiful outside. The moment the seasons started to change, all of the sun-deprived library dwellers emerged on campus. Don't miss out on the action! Here are 8 cliche things you can do on campus now that the sun is out.

Feb 13, 2012

The Dos and Don'ts of PDA

PDA is kind of a touchy issue (see what I did there?) because people have very different ideas about what is appropriate. Think you need a little guidance? We've sorted out what's A-Okay and what's a little questionable when it comes to sharing the love in public.

Ew! Celebrity PDA

I see a lot of couples making out on campus. On the grass, on the comfy couches in the library, even in class, you can probably find some form of PDA. But NONE of these people come close to the disgusting PDA celebrities do. Some celebs we don't mind seeing making out because they're classy about it. But Justin and Selena??? Seriously?? You guys are practically babies!

Oct 12, 2011

How Much is too Much? Your Official Summer PDA Guide

Now that Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez have PDA'd all over Hawaii this past weekend, it really got me thinking: how much is too much? Everyone has their own thoughts on PDA. Some love it, some can't stand it, and others just don't give a crap! But the truth is, it's everywhere! And with the weather warming up, so are our hormones.

Celebrity Couples Who Took PDA To A Whole New Level

Every couple has a list of different things they will do and absolutely-under-no-circumstances won't do in public. For some the list for don't is pretty long, i.e. we will not make out in the middle of a dinner at the White House. For others the list for don't is pretty short, i.e. we won't have sex on the table in the middle of a dinner at the white house.

Dec 17, 2010

Single Girl Society: Don’t Feel Sorry For Yourself Over The Holidays

Of course it would be amazing to magically wake up this Christmas morning in the arms of a Ryan Gosling clone to mimosas for breakfast with a side of the newest Marc Jacobs handbag as the first of many gifts to come. But if your holiday season is shaping up to be anything like mine, the heartwarming scene of breakfast and a boyfriend in bed is not likely this year.

Oct 7, 2010

Sexy Time: A Public Affair

One time, I had sex on a pier. After my three month dance with celibacy, I finally gave in at the end of the summer, and I figured if I was going to go for it, I was going to do it with a bang (well, that and my roommates were asleep and we have very thin walls). I worked my charm with my then-friend-with-benefits, and before I knew it, there I was – butt ass naked at the end of a pier at 4am.

Sep 8, 2010

Ask A Dude: I Think I’m Falling For Him

Dearest Dude, I am not a girlfriend type of girl. Or at least, I wasn't until now... I think. In college, the closest I came to a relationship was an 8-month hook up, who I'm pretty sure considered me his girlfriend, but I certainly did not consider him my boyfriend. I preferred hook ups and always made fun of the girls who obsessed over one guy and were clingy and freaked out over interpreting a simple text.

Aug 17, 2010

Think Before You Tag: 7 Photos That Don’t Belong on Facebook

It happens every day. You log onto Facebook and are confronted with a stream of photos and status updates. Megan’s going to the mall. Ben’s fishing with his dad. Oh, and what’s this? Chris put his dog in boxers and made it drink beer out of a Frisbee last night. Here’s hoping he isn’t friends with anyone who works for the ASPCA.

Jun 28, 2010

Candy Dish: Lady Gaga’s Got a New Jam

• Listen to Lady Gaga's newest song. • Uh oh. Rihanna's in trouble. • Can you guess how much you spend on shoes? • How to handle your friend's gross PDA. • This season, embrace coral eyeshadow. • Ew! Nice tat, Jon Gosselin.

May 18, 2010

Running the Bases, College Style

Was there anything more exhilarating, more energizing, more exciting than grilling a friend over AIM in 7th grade about what base she got to with her boyfriend? Of course at that point, first base was getting matched up with a guy during an intensive game of M.A.S.H, second base was making out in the back row of a movie theater while your friends sitting next to you giggled, and third base was letting him feel your training bra over your shirt.

Apr 22, 2010

WARNING: Do Not Do This In Class

While we may not like all of them, rules exist for a reason. They keep us safe, they keep us sane, they keep some sort of order in this world of ours. And that applies to college campuses, too. There are all sorts of rules that we live by: no food in the library, no drinking in the dorms, no sex in the stacks.