peanut butter

Jan 30, 2011

Intro to Cooking: DIY Thai Coconut Tofu

Coconut is rich in protein. It’s a favorite among fitness freaks (and CollegeCandy writers) for its ability to promote muscle growth. Coconut is also rich in Calcium, Vitamin A, and (good) fats. Studies show that it also helps maintain proper thyroid and kidney function.

Jan 20, 2011

The Know: Peanut Butter Heaven

I love peanut butter. As in, please don’t judge me but I could sit in front of the TV with a spoon (or my finger?) and eat it like a bowl of ice cream. Or strawberries. If only peanut butter had the same fat and calories as strawberries. Then I’m certain all of life’s biggest problems would be solved.

Intro to Cooking: Peanut Butter Banana Bread

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston may be ancient history, but there's one American super-couple that isn't going anywhere anytime soon: peanut butter and banana. Today's recipe takes the classic sandwich and, well, turns it inside out to create a savory snack or a meal on the go.

Intro to Cooking: Peanut Butter Cheesecake Bars

Since we all snacked so healthily last week, I think we deserve a treat. And there is no better treat than cheesecake. Unless, of course, that cheesecake also involves peanut butter cookie dough. I know, right?

The Know: Sweet and Salty FTW

To the man (actually, I have a feeling it was probably a woman with PMS) who first decided to mix salty and sweet all in the same bite, I tip my fedora to you. Why we don't have a chapter dedicated to you in our history books (between the first space expedition and the Civil Rights movement), I'll never know.

Sep 9, 2010

Aug 22, 2010

Intro to Cooking: Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcakes

Summer is winding down, school is starting up, alumni are still doing the same-sh*t-different-day dance. In summary, the end of August kind of blows. Which is why this week’s Intro to Cooking is throwing nutrition to the wind (sort of), because it’s time for something indulgent!

Apr 5, 2010

Body Blog: Your Post Workout Snack

After pulling on your Nikes and adding that new Jason Derulo song to your iPod, you drag yourself to the gym for an hour. It's hard to get started, you're just so tired, but twenty minutes later the endorphins are kicking in and you're feeling great. You finish your workout, do a little stretch, and walk home feeling happy as a clam.

Mar 2, 2010

Canada Is Awesome and Here’s Why

This week's Weekly Ten, Why Canada Deserves Silver, stirred up quite the controversy yesterday. Seriously, I didn't see this much hate on CollegeCandy since one writer expressed her disdain for Taylor Swift. And rightfully so. Yes it was meant to be a joke, but we in Canada aren't entirely laughing with you.

Jan 10, 2010

Intro to Cooking: Pumpkin Peanut Butter Mousse

Do you need a super-quick and easy dessert recipe to take to a last-minute holiday party help ease the pain of a break up? Do you love peanut butter? Do you love desserts that are indulgent and--gasp!--healthy?

Dec 29, 2009

Rethinking Those Daily Starbucks Runs…

College is stressful. And stress makes us do some pretty crazy things for the sake of a good grade, such as harming our bodies without even knowing it. Don't know what I'm talking about? Let me break it down.

Dec 27, 2009

Intro To Cooking: Faux Cookie Dough

Any type of cookie dough is a good type of cookie dough in my book. Cookie dough ice cream, homemade cookie dough, even store-bought Nestle cookie dough is delicious. Especially when eaten directly from the plastic tube with your fingers while watching old episodes of Sex and the City.

Aug 2, 2009

Intro To Cooking: Peanut Butter Cup Cookies

You know those people who screw up the brownies where all you have to do is add water? Yes, that’s me. I have screwed up popcorn, switched ingredient amounts, and frequently embarrassed my mother with my basic lack of culinary skill.