Aug 15, 2015

Single's Day, Student's Day and 9 Other 'Holidays' That Should Exist

Every year, we look forward to the holidays — Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hannukah and New Years — because they’re just freakin’...

Feb 3, 2015

Valentine's Day Beauty Gifts for Your Best Friends

Why not take advantage of the opportunity to celebrate your awesome friendships and spoil each other with gifts that men would NEVER pick out?

What Did Justin Bieber and Other Celebs Get From Santa?

Keep your new private jet, Bieber! I love my socks and underwear.

Dec 27, 2014

The 11 Best Things About Christmas

It's the most wonderful time of the year! There is about a one-month period preceding Christmas where I'm blasting Mariah Carey's "Merry Christmas" album, watching an endless sequence of holiday-themed movies, and soaking up the cheesy atmosphere in the shopping malls. These are some of my favorite things about Christmas--what is your favorite part of the holidays?

WTF Do I Get Myself [Gift Guide]

No one knows you better than you, so these are just a few gift ideas so that you can completely overindulge this holiday season. You've earned it. After finals, internships, work and the general curve balls of life, a little gift to yourself will do you some good.

Nov 30, 2012

Nov 29, 2012

WTF Do I Get Everybody Else? [Gift Guide]

Whether you know it or not it takes/took a village to raise your ungrateful tush. This is the one time of year you get to say thank you to the people you probably forget to thank: your favorite teacher, that employer who took the time, your big bro, that cool aunt and your bestie. Throw some love their way and you'll feel like you're actually doing something positive with your life.

Nov 28, 2012

WTF Do I Get My Boyfriend? [Gift Guide]

Shopping for dudes can be hard because the media tells us they only like tech-y/video game-y stuff which is mad crazy expensive and still very subjective.

Dec 13, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide: Homemade Gifts that Don’t Suck

No matter which holiday you celebrate, gift giving is a staple of the holiday season. But there is some major pressure when picking out a gift for that special someone. And in this not-so-fabulous economy, a lot of people don’t have the resources to buy the perfect gift anymore.

Dec 8, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide: For Your Parents [GALLERY]

Parents are notoriously difficult to shop for. I mean, how do you do justice to the people who’ve given you everything? Luckily, our guide will help you pick holiday gifts that are appropriate, thoughtful, and wallet friendly.

Dec 8, 2010

Web Spy: Elfster

Do you have a large group of friends you want to buy gifts for this holiday season, but lack the cash to get a great gift for each of them? Secret Santa gift exchanges are a fun solution! Elfster makes planning a Secret Santa exchange so much easier! To use Elfster to plan your Secret Santa, get started by registering for the site.

Dec 7, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide: For Your Guy [GALLERY]

'Tis better to give than receive, right? Well, technically speaking. Except when it comes time to figure out what the hell you're getting the man in your life this Christmas. And they say we're hard to shop for!? Psh, please. Give me a couple Twizzlers and a three-karat diamond and I'm just peachy. (Sarcasm?)

Dec 2, 2010

The Know: Give The Perfect Gift

Tis the season for holiday gifts. The only problem is… what on earth are you going to get everyone?

Dec 1, 2010

Holiday Present Nostalgia [GALLERY]

Before the days of Four Loko prohibition, staying up all night to write a 19-page term paper on Harry Potter symbolism, and Sunday morning hangovers, there were days of innocence and Gap outfits and toy commercials that made you drool all over your yourself.

Dec 27, 2009

So, What Did Ya Get?

Not being a Christmas celebrater myself, it took me quite a few years to get used to getting phone calls at 8am on December 26th, my friends screaming about True Religions, the Gilmore Girls DVD box-set, and "OMG MY MOM GOT ME THREE HANDLES OF SMIRNOFF!!!" on the other end.