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Sep 17, 2010

Gossip Cheat Sheet: Surprise! Speidi’s Baaaack!

This week I'd like to dedicate this post to Chelsea Handler, who despite flubbing some punchlines at the VMAs, is still totally awesome.

Sep 10, 2010

Candy Dish: Which College Town Reigns Supreme?

• The best college towns in the country. • Christian Siriano rocks Fashion Week. • Is Willow Smith the next Rihanna? • And with that, we officially hate Rachel Bilson. • Craigslist people are really weird. • Would you de-friend an ex on Facebook?

Jul 30, 2010

Gossip Cheat Sheet: Hollywood Takes a Breather

All's quiet on the Hollywood front (most likely because Lindsay is rockin' the orange jumpsuit). This week has been surprisingly dull with the exception of Blake Lively's boobs at Comic-Con. Although without the Twilight trio and Daniel Radcliffe, even that nerd-fest was a bummer.

Candy Dish: Oops! Perez Did It Again

• Looks like homeboy didn't learn his lesson. • 5 tips to keep that sex tape private. • Speaking of which, looks like Pauly D's got a few.... • Why are Rachel and Hayden taking a breather? • Which emergency contraception choice is right for you? • Let the celebrity rehab trend continue....

Jun 21, 2010

Candy Dish: Is Cheesecake a Gateway Drug?

• Is cheesecake as addictive as cocaine!? • JLo's back in (the music) business. • Looks like Angelina isn't so perfect after all. • It's totes fine if it's on your bucket list, right? • Rachel Bilson pregnant? Ha! • 5 steps to buying the perfect jeans.

Mar 31, 2010

I Want a Boyfriend. Do You?

With the exception of a short love affair that ended via email (which the boy addressed to Natalie), I've been single for a long three years. And I've been totally OK with that for the most part. I've really gotten to figure myself out; my good qualities (I'm incredibly generous to those I love) and my not-so-good qualities (I'm what some people might refer to as a judgmental bitch).

Dec 2, 2009

Sep 30, 2009

Campus Couture: Treehugging Chloe

Meet Chloe. Whenever I see her on campus, she always has the cutest outfits on that make you think of picnicking in green meadows and somersaulting across the grassy field. Her style is always really fresh with girly touches like headbands and hair pins, and plenty of gold-toned jewelry to go with. And no one has ever seen her without a cloth bag. Ever.

Sep 4, 2009

Project Runway Rundown: auf Wiedersehen, Bitches!

You know what they say in baseball: “Three strikes, and you’re out!” And now we know the same is true in Project Runway. But more on that later. First let's discuss Tim Gunn in flip flops and Wayfarers.

Oct 30, 2008

Candy Dish: Um, Who is Joaquin Phoenix, Anyway?

Wait, was Joaquin Phoenix working? Angels and Demons: from awesome book to awesome movie? Joe the Plumber now Joe the...

Oct 4, 2008

The Love List: Bangs, Elections and Little Knowles

I love to love things. It’s true. So much so that I used to say “Love You” on my voicemail...

Aug 25, 2008

Your Guide To Wasting Time on the Internet

At 10 AM I had my morning cup of coffee and a bowl of oatmeal, read the day’s news on...

Apr 13, 2008

Stars Looks For LESS

Want to look like Rachel Bilson (well, in this picture, anyway)? Easy. Aviator Sunglasses: $15.95 at Sunglasswarehouse.com Scarf: at Target.com...

Jul 13, 2007

The Maxi-Dress: More is More

The latest trend in summer casual-wear, the “maxi-dress,” just may be my favorite. Because unlike the short-shorts, miniskirts, and flimsy...