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Jun 21, 2010

Intern Diaries: Don’t We Get Some Bragging Rights?

It’s no secret that interning can be a dull job. In fact, sometimes internships get such a bad rep that we forgot that they can also have some pretty amazing perks. In the field of journalism and magazine writing, one of those perks is being given the opportunity to cover red carpet events. At my internship, it’s hands down everyone’s favorite thing to do and for obvious reasons.

Mar 8, 2010

Oscar Fashion – What Were They Thinking (Literally)?

There’s something about the Oscars that brings out the awkwardness in our favorite Hollywood stars and starlets. On the red carpet, we get to hear the awkward comments celebs make when they aren’t scripted. On stage, we get to hear the awkward comments the presenters make when they are scripted and given the corniest jokes to deliver.

Feb 1, 2010

Grammy Red Carpet: The Good, The Bad and The Gaga

The Grammy red carpet is probably my favorite of the season. Though attendees of the Golden Globes and Oscars are better dressed, those at the Grammys bring the good, the bad and the outrageous. The dramatic dressers of the music industry bring out their weird and wonderful performance-esque outfits, blurring the line between stage-worthy and red carpet-appropriate.

Our Grammy Predictions

The Grammys are only a few hours away! We haven't been this excited since the Golden Globes...2 weeks ago. But to be fair, we didn't really care who won the awards at the Globes - we just wanted to see what all those people were going to wear on the Red Carpet. The Grammys are different; music plays such an important part in our lives and we feel totally connected to the people who bring it to us.

Jan 31, 2010

Golden Globe Fashion: Our Fave Bits and Pieces

While the Golden Globes were pretty entertaining last night (what's funnier than watching celebs make fun of each other and take serious jabs at NBC), the true magic of the show began a few hours before Ricky Gervais (be still my heart) took the stage. And that magic is better known as the Red Carpet.

Golden Globes Red Carpet All-Stars

All year long I look forward to award show season, the best time to see my favorite celebs hitting the red carpet looking all kinds of fabulous. Sure, I love seeing who wins the awards and what the "experts" consider the best movie of the year, but everyone knows the best thing about these award shows is checking out what everyone is wearing.

Jan 16, 2010

Jan 11, 2010

Red Carpet Does Not Equal Real Life

The Golden Globes are coming, which means the hottest of the hottest will be strutting their bad selves down the Red Carpet to talk to Ryan Seacrest and look damn fine doin' it. And I'll be sitting there, laptop in hand, taking notes - the kind I should be taking in class - on what everyone is wearing.

Sep 21, 2009

The Emmys’ Red (Hot) Red Carpet

So obviously the buzz on all the fashion blogs and entertainment channels today is centered on the red carpet from last night's Emmys. I must admit, I only tune in for the pre-show to see what all the celebs are wearing and to get the scoop on who was hot and who was totally not. Why waste three hours of “I’d like to thank God and the academy” when I can Google all that shiz the next day?

Sep 20, 2009

Live(blog) From The Emmy Red Carpet!

We've got two full hours of designer goodness (and - fingers crossed - total disaster) coming our way, so let's get to the show! Get your TV set to E! and enjoy a little Ryan Seacrest action with us.

Sep 14, 2009

My Time On the 2009 VMA Red Carpet

This has been the weekend of insanely glamorous things going on. From the VIP seats at the Ruffian show to experiencing fashion week, I thought that life couldn't get anymore glam. But it could. And it did. Last night, I was lucky enough to interview celebs on the red carpet for the VMAs!

Aug 21, 2009

Project Runway Rundown: Freaks and… Lohan?

Of course, before we got to meet the new designers in the main event, we had a little taste of some of our favorite designers from previous seasons in the Project Runway All-Star Challenge. I was more than happy to spend two hours with Chris March, Santino Rice, Daniel Vosovic, among others, but after seeing the snooze-fest of a cast that is season 6, I wish I hadn't been teased...

May 29, 2009

MTV Movie Awards, Here We Come!

Excited for the weekend? We are. We're more excited than we were for last weekend, and that one was three days! Why, you ask? Maybe because CollegeCandy is going to the MTV Movie Awards!!

Apr 23, 2009

Girl Crush: Jessica Biel

Who was voted “The Sexiest Woman Alive?” Oh yes, that would be my new girl crush, Jessica Biel. And for good reason. Not only is Ms. Biel really freaking sexy, but she plays it up with her uncanny ability to pull off any fashion look, from “cute and casual” to “sexy in style."