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Sep 20, 2010

Lindsay Lohan, We Are Really Getting Concerned

This morning, Twitter told me two very interesting things: 1. DrunkenCooking is now following me and 2. Lindsay Lohan (fresh from rehab and jail) admitted to failing her most recent drug test. For me, this means I've made it big. For Lilo, this means another 30 days in the slammer.

Mar 31, 2010

Bad Boyfriend Rehab

Somehow in the past year it became common practice for famous husbands to cheat on their wives (multiple times) and drag them through an insane media circus culminating in a trip to rehab.

It’s Time for Rehab, Lindsay Lohan

Dear Lindsay, Word on the street is that they're trying to make you go to rehab and you say no, no, no. While Amy Winehouse turned that jam into a monster hit, do you really want it to be the theme song to your E! True Hollywood Story?

Celebretard Showdown: Mischa Barton vs. Tara Reid

There are a lot of celebrities out there that simply disappear, whether it be voluntarily or due to lack of talent/rehab/Bermuda triangle. There are a couple that have massive amounts of issues, yet refuse to disappear. In fact, they seem to pop up everywhere, strutting around uninvited on every red carpet.

Body Blog: Happiness vs. Addiction

My aunt has been addicted to cheap pink wine fore 13 years. When I was a teenager I remember finding a giant bottle tucked away in the fridge near her bathroom. She used to say, "I just like having a glass before helps me sleep." But even then I knew there was more to it than that.

May 1, 2009

Celebretard Showdown: Winehouse Vs. Spears

This week’s showdown is between two of our favorite celebs to watch (as they completely meltdown into a pile of crazy mush): Amy Winehouse and Britney Spears. Who is more of a train wreck? God, that's a tough call, so let’s break it down.

Apr 3, 2009

G.W.W.E.: Jonathan “Relieve Me!” Rhys-Meyers

Let's go waaay back (to 2002) to the release of Bend it Like Beckham, when JRM got his first big acting break. He starred as Joe, the Irish soccer (okay, football) coach who quickly fell for his culturally-conflicted student, Jess. I loved this movie for two reasons: first, because it showcased Keira Knightley during her awkward stage before she was really famous, and second, because JRM totally stole the show.

Mar 7, 2009

Saturday Read: Scar Tissue by Anthony Kiedis

If you don’t know who the Red Hot Chili Peppers are, I just want to know what rock you’ve been...

Jan 23, 2009

Candy Dish: Girl Scout Cookie Conspiracy!

Those girls pretend to be innocent, but we’re onto them!  Elisabeth Moss and Fred Armisen are getting married! Hayden Panattierre’s...

Nov 16, 2008

Battle of the Teen Queens: Miley and Taylor

It’s time for some teen talk. There’s a whole new generation of teenybopper superstars, and it’s time for us college...

Oct 6, 2008

It’s On: Britney vs. Winehouse

While we usually run posts like this to decide which male celebrity is hotter, we thought it was time to...

Jun 18, 2008

LiLo Heads Back to Work

It has been so long since we’ve seen Lindsay Lohan in anything other than rehab/a bikini/a mugshot/the arms of her...