Jul 29, 2011

Candy Dish: More Than a Damsel

•Lessons we can learn from our favorite heroines •Who's the bigger "it" girl: Emma Stone or Olivia Wilde? •Andy Samberg is Chief Shark Officer •Casey Anthony was offered how much to pose nude??? •RiRi is back to brunette •Tips for happier, healthier conversations •Great way to get your weekend shopping in

Sep 16, 2009

Let It Rock: Off Again, On Again

This has been a crazy week. Jay-Z came back! Scarlett Johansson came out with an album with Pete Yorn. (Hey, it's gotta be better than The Hoff's singing, right?) Oh, and Mason Jennings came out with something new..though everything he does is new to me.

May 27, 2009

Chris Brown = Fail

We haven't heard much from Chris Brown since "the incident" before the Grammy's, but if this new video is anything, it's his (shady) attempt to get back into our hearts and minds. Because he's got a new album dropping. And a new single coming out this summer! And because he likes to bowl and he's not a "monster."

Candy Dish: Still More Chris Brown News

He’s evil and he has a mullet? WTF? Indonesia rocked by an earthquake. No tsunami threat anymore. What are the...

Feb 11, 2009

The CC Weekly Weigh In: Playing For the Other Team

I like boys. A lot. But that doesn’t mean I can’t admire a lady from time to time. Even though...

Jan 9, 2009

The CC Weekly Weigh In: Drinking Makes Us Wanna Sing

You know the scene: you are six drinks deep, the music is blaring and suddenly that beer bottle you are...

Nov 14, 2008

Nov 11, 2008

Night Styler: One Legging Up

[In early adulthood there is an activity that plays a large role in most of our lives; nights out on...

Oct 7, 2008

Top It All Off: Hair Trends, Fall 2008

So you’ve got your fashion, make-up and nail trends all lined up for fall, now to top it all off,...

Sep 15, 2008

Style Idol: Rihanna’s Got the Look

Celebrities get paid to look good and serve as a style guide to all us common folk, and part of...

Sep 8, 2008

Red Carpet Fashion At The 2008 MTV VMAs

As usual, last night’s Video Music Awards blew.  The geniuses at MTV have succeded in turning what was once a...

Aug 22, 2008

Celebrity Chic on the Cheap: YOU wear Short Shorts!

As a kid, I was never really a fan of shorts. Unless they were my brothers mesh Umbro’s or later,...

Dec 6, 2007

2008 Grammy Nominees are In! (Will Winehouse Even Show Up?)

The 2008 Grammy nominees were recently announced. In case you don’t know, winning a Grammy is sort of similar to...

May 29, 2007

Bikini-clad Celebs of Summer

Memorial Day has come and gone, but Bikini Season is officially in session. With a little help from InStyle.com, we...