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Dec 18, 2009

Budget Stylista: Glitz and Glammer on NYE

New Year's Eve is hands down the best excuse to dress up. But that doesn't mean you gotta splurge on some hot frock that will look great in pictures, but not so great sitting in the back of your closet for the next 2 years because you have nowhere to wear it again.

Jul 17, 2009

The Budget Stylista: Ra-Ra-Rompers On The Ch-Ch-Cheap

There really is no faster way to look both put together and able to go from day to night than a romper. Think about it - you don't have to pick a top to match your bottom, which seems like a minimal task right now, but is actually difficult when you hit snooze for too long on all four alarms.

Jun 30, 2009

Summertime Style: Be a Sucker for Seersucker

Summertime. Time to work on our tans, hang at the beach (or on some sick yacht if you happen to know the right people), and wear all those totally cute clothes that only work for three months out of the year. Summer is a great time to bust out pastels, white linen and, one of my personal faves, seersucker.

Duke It Out: The Romper

Call it a jumpsuit, catsuit, an adult onesie, whatever - these things are obviously all the rage... in magazines at least. I've been seeing these grown-up versions of your favorite baby-wear all over the fashion mags this season and I have to admit, on the glossy pages, they look cute. But I also notice that I haven't seen an actual human being (excluding mechanics) wearing them in real life.

Day-to-Night Styler: The Romper Room

This spring and summer we're once again returning to our playground days with the romper/jumpsuit trend coming back for another season. While this look can teeter on juvenile, if done properly it can be an adorable daytime look that quickly switches over to a sexy evening style.

May 5, 2009

Night Styler: Jump(suit) for Joy!

It's (finally) officially spring (though it doesn't quite feel like it here on the east coast) which means warmer weather, and less clothing.

Mar 31, 2009

Apr 27, 2008

Fashion Perfection (Trust Me On This One): The Romper

When the romper (or playsuit, or onesie, or whatever else you want to call it) started to make a comeback...

Apr 29, 2007

Transcending the short…

If you haven’t noticed, I was completely obsessed with the Chanel Spring Ready-To-Wear collection. I couldn’t get enough of it....