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Dec 22, 2012

Toys R Us Catalogues & Being A Christmas Brat [Saturday Flashback]

It's really not a big deal. It's really all just stuff - objects you'll forget about, material possessions with a novelty that will wear off in a few days. Everything you have someone has a whole lot less. So this Christmas, instead of Santa, thank whoever has your back.

Dec 15, 2012

The Discman & Hit Clips Were Stupid Audio Devices[Saturday Flashback]

In 5th grade Debbie Velasquez had a portable casette tape player - a walkman - and the only casette tape she had was TLC's "Fanmail." Naturally, I had to one up her, so I got a portable discman and CD of TLC's "Fanmail" which would become the only CD I ever bought because about a year later Napster was popularized and stealing megabytes was just too much fun. Then of course, mp3 players.

Dec 8, 2012

Hole's "Live Through This" & Kinderwhore [Saturday Flashback]

This week the only thing blasting in my tiny earbud headphones is Hole's "Live Through This." The album was released in 1993 when I was just about to turn four years old. I of course didn't experience the album until much later when I was in junior high. The album is often regarded as Hole's magnum opus and in my opinion it is their best. In my opinion, it has to be one of the greatest albums of all time.

Remember Roll On Lip Gloss? [Saturday Flashback]

So this one time in third grade, this girl Jasmine came up to me like, "Do you use the rolly lip gloss?" Then she took out this small black bottle of Kissing Fruit Gloss in pineapple.

Nov 24, 2012

Saturday Flashback: Childhood Lessons We Need To Remember

As kids, we were constantly being taught right from wrong by our parents. Growing up, we knew that we had to clean up after ourselves, always say “please” and “thank you,” and not to talk to strangers. But how many of these lessons did we forget after elementary school? Somewhere between adolescence and teenagedom we got rid of our childhood lessons in order to make room for Cosmo knowledge.

Nov 19, 2011

Saturday Flashback: Our Favorite Childhood Toys

Whenever I babysit, I can't help but be surprised by what kids play with these days. They have so many Hannah Montana dolls, Angry Birds figurines, and other "so-right-now" toys that I don't even recognize. So many of toys from when we were young would be completely unidentifiable to kids these days.

Nov 12, 2011

Nov 5, 2011

Saturday Flashback: 6 Things We Wish We Had Now

Every year older brings new privileges. The obvious perks are voting, drinking, growing boobs and losing our curfews. However, with these new privileges consequently comes the loss of old privileges. There were many things we took for granted as kids that cause us to look back on our carefree lives and think "I wish I was a kid again."

Oct 29, 2011

Saturday Flashback: Book Club

With all the reading we’re assigned in our college course load, it’s hard to remember a time when reading was for fun. As kids, we were given the freedom to chose what book we wanted to write a report on.

Oct 22, 2011

Saturday Flashback: 7 Things You Should Never Stop Doing

Being an adult requires that you stop doing certain practices from your childhood. College requires you to be dependent, so waiting half a semester to bring your laundry home for your mom to wash isn't going to cut it. The silver lining is we can now vote and (look old enough to) buy alcohol, but it still sucks that we're too grown up for our moms to make our ponytails, we're too old to order off the vastly less expensive kid's menu, and we have too much homework for 9 o'clock to be our bedtime.

Oct 15, 2011

Saturday Flashback: Your Favorite Kid Foods

It’s a common misconception that kids are picky eaters. In truth, kids have selective tastebuds because there are so many delicious foods marketed towards children specifically. Of course children aren’t going to eat sautéed broccoli when the broccoli in their favorite T.V. dinner is doused in cheese sauce. And why would a child eat grilled chicken breast when they’re accustomed to eating dinosaur-shaped nuggets? Take a break from the grown up drama in your life by having a throwback movie night with your friends and noshing on these favorite foods from when we were kids

Oct 8, 2011

Saturday Flashback: Disney Channel Original Movies

very month, Disney Channel would grace our televisions with a new original movie. Looking back at them, the plots were totally random, the love interests weren't that cute, and the dialogue was unintentionally hilarious. However, month after month Disney Channel Original movies were the highlight of my Friday night.

Oct 1, 2011

Saturday Flashbacks: Girl Power Playlist

Growing up, we were practically bombarded with messages of female empowerment. There were innumerable girl bands who dressed like sex kittens, but sang girl power anthems. As kids, we didn’t really need these messages as badly as we do now. Our elementary school boyfriend didn’t screw us over as badly as the guy in our 9 AM lecture with a newfound appreciation for man-hating it seems fitting that we revisit these empowering songs from our childhood.

Sep 24, 2011

Saturday Flashback: Mary Kate and Ashley Geography

In elementary school, all the subjects are taught as brief overviews rather than extensive lessons. For example, we learn “Language Arts” instead of Humanities or Language and Composition, “Math” isn’t “Algebra” or “Geometry,” and “Science” is growing little plants in plastic cups rather than beating yourself over the head with a massive AP Chem book. But as kids, we had two courses in Social Studies: “Social Studies” taught by teachers, and “Geography” taught by Mary Kate and Ashley.