Apr 29, 2022

The 5 Ways To Accessorize Your Little Black Dress

We can all count on that little black dress in our closet to save us from a fashion faux pas....

Sep 13, 2012

Mel B Goes Topless For Breast Cancer [Candy Dish]

Former pop sensation, Mel B, isn't afraid to spice things up for a good cause. She and husband Stephen Belafonte posed for Cosmopolitan UK, and the main photo shows Mel stood topless with Stephen cupping his hands over her breasts as a bra.

Apr 10, 2012

Stock Up on Summer Scarves [8 Under $20]

Unlike their heavier cool-weather counterparts made out of wool or other heavy knits, summer scarves are usually made from linen, gauze, chiffon, or sheer cotton, making them light enough to wear when it's warmer outside. I found some lovely options in bright, fun prints that are perfect for summertime -- and all are less than $20!

6 Ways to Tie a Scarf [Infographic]

Scarves can illicit feelings of both love and hate. But mostly love. Since it doesn't look like they're leaving our wardrobes any time soon, it's about time someone gave us a few more options on how to wear our fabulous scarves. The classic "I'm just going to wrap this around my neck as many times as I can until it feels like a boa constrictor is strangling me" method doesn't have to be the only way!

Dec 29, 2011

The Craziest Accessories to Keep You Warm This Winter [Photos]

As we all know I'm not winter fashion's biggest fan. For proof review my thoughts on sweatpants and North Faces. But I digress... The key to staying warm in winter is always in the accessories, but these scarves, earmuffs, hats and gloves make me wonder maybe we're all just better off freezing.

10 Accessories that Take Any Outfit from Drab to Fab

Ever get dressed for class and find yourself standing in front of the mirror thinking something’s missing, but you just don’t know where to add that last minute accessory? After going through the whole day, you’re now headed out on a manhunt with your girls and you’re looking for an easy way to make your almost there outfit scream ‘do me!’ But instead of being super excited to get out and (hopefully) get some, you’re stuck standing in front of your mirror.

Oct 20, 2011

Jun 27, 2011

Win a Super Cute Scarf! [Giveaway]

When was the last time you emerged from the depths (all 2 feet) of your closet proclaiming that you simply had nothing to wear? Boring shirts, been-there-done-that dresses, and accessories that...well, don't even get me started on the accessories! Who ever said huge rhinestones were a good look??

Jun 8, 2011

Celebrity Chic on the Cheap: Diane Kruger is Laidback and Ladylike in lace

Diane Kruger may not be making a name for herself as an actress, but she is definitely solidifying her place as one of Hollywood's most consistently on-point fashionistas. She has an incredibly versatile sense of style that rarely, if ever, misses the mark. From boho to preppy to glam to hipster-esque, Diane incorporates them all into her personal style and never fails to pull them off. She's not afraid to take risks, but never strays too far away from a classically feminine and delicate aesthetic.

Mar 3, 2011

Fashion Porn: Beach Accessories

Sun, sand, swimsuits and Spring Break. Apart from an icy cocktail and a hot cabana boy, the final touches for your Spring Break packing is an assortment of practical (yet stylish) accessories.

Jan 15, 2011

The CollegeFashion Guide to Layering Without Looking Lumpy

Winter is in full swing. Whether you’re dealing with icy wind, slushy streets, or ceaseless snowfall, every college girl knows that winter weather means adjusting our wardrobes. Bundling up in style, however, can present a variety of challenges – from finding cute and cozy layers, to worst of all, looking lumpy and frumpy.

Dec 16, 2010

Fashion Porn: Winter Accessories Get it on

As of next week it's officially winter. For those of you that have been piling on layers of clothing already, this will come as no surprise. You've already been wrapping the scarves around your neck, putting on a hat while praying you don't get horrendous hat hair and crawling around every morning looking for that second mitten (while wondering aloud why they don't make those mitten clips for anyone over the age of 6).

Dec 3, 2010

Budget Stylista: Hot Accessories for a Cold Winter

Sure with winter comes snow angels and holidays (and holiday presents!) and hot chocolate by the fireplace and winter break... But with the snow comes slush, boots, puffy jackets and that ridiculously long walk to class where your fingers freeze and your nose runs and your eyes tear and then the tears freeze.

Nov 29, 2010

Shop Your Closet: Strapless Dress

I'm a huge fan of dresses. They're feminine, comfortable and instantly make you dressed up, even if you just rolled out of bed. But despite my dress devotion, the colder it gets outside, the less inclined I am to actually wear one. Or at least, that's how it used to be.