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Apr 30, 2011

6 Signs You're Suffering From Senioritis

There are a lot of different illness associated with different times of the year. There's flu season in the winter. Allergy season in the spring. Sunburns in the summer. But around early April and May a different disease starts to take hold, and it goes after a very specific group. College seniors.

Mar 21, 2011

Surviving Senior Year: Life Lessons

So just like with the very first column I wrote for Surviving Senior Year, it’s taken me a while to figure out what exactly I want to write for this one. My very last one. Actually I should say it’s “taking me a while” because I really have no idea where this one is going. So bear with me one last time. When I started this column back in September I was just starting senior year. I was both excited and terrified at the prospect of having just two semesters left of college, and now, two months away from the end of college I’m just as excited and just as terrified.

Mar 14, 2011

Surviving Senior Year: Spring Cleaning

So if there’s one thing you should know about me, it’s that I’m a bit of an organizational freak. I like order, neatness, alphabetizing things by last name and putting things in chronological order. I don’t like messes and I don’t like excess (unless we’re talking about clothes) so needless to say spring cleaning is one of my favorite past times.

Surviving Senior Year: Post-Grad Goals

So last week, I had a bit of a meltdown. A pre-grad crisis if you will, freaking out about what comes next before I even get there. So this week, I’m trying to fix that in the best way I know how. By eating lots of ice cream and watching old episodes of Gossip Girl making a list. But not just an list, a list of post grad goals for myself.

Mar 7, 2011

Surviving Senior Year: The Pre-Post-Grad Crisis

Which is probably not a term you’ve heard all that often, especially since I’m 90% sure that I just made it up. So let me explain. The symptoms are not all that different from a post-grad crisis, except I’m not actually a post-grad yet. I’m a senior, a few months from graduation and I have absolutely no idea what comes next.

Feb 28, 2011

Birthday Faves: 21 Things I Learned in My 21st Year

Just last February, I was planning my 21st birthday party. Now, I’m facing 22 (or as I like to call it 21+1) straight on. Even though the last twelve months have gone by, it feels like just yesterday I was indulging in jello shots and margaritas. For my 21st. Because just yesterday I was indulging in jello shots and margaritas.

Feb 25, 2011

Feb 21, 2011

Surviving Senior Year: Calm (Before the Storm)

Right before I sat down to write this I opened a letter (yes because apparently people still send those) informing me that come April I will be able to pick up my cap and gown. I looked at the letter, rolled my eyes, and thought April? Really? Why are they sending me this now when I don’t need to pick it up until April? But still I opened up my Google Calendar and went to plug in the date. But oh wait…what’s that?

Feb 14, 2011

Surviving Senior Year: What I Will Be Missing

So last week I sat down and thought of all of the things I’m not going to miss about being a college student. I convinced myself that this whole graduation thing was good. That I wouldn’t really miss college, so much as the friends that I’d leave behind in college. The classes and the books were going, but that didn’t mean my social life would have to go with it.

Feb 7, 2011

Surviving Senior Year: What I Won't be Missing

I think it’s obvious by now that there are a lot of things I’m going to miss about being a college student. Friends. Three day weekends. The ability to plan my schedule around the latest episode of Glee. Things like that make the idea of leaving in three months and never looking back completely horrifying.

Feb 2, 2011

5 Days Every College Girl Would Want to Relive

When most people think of Groundhog Day, they probably picture a medium sized rodent climbing out of a hole in an attempt to determine whether we’re going to have an early spring, or if the mountains of snow are just going to keep on coming. But when we think of Groundhog Day, we think of Bill Murray.

Jan 31, 2011

Surviving Senior Year: Over the Over-Analyzing

So this semester I’m taking my senior capstone classes. The seminar focuses on literature itself and the reflective tutorial focuses on literary theory and literary criticism. They’re supposed to be the culmination of everything we’ve ever learned as English majors. They’re supposed to extremely challenging, hardcore courses that push our limits. And they are extremely challenging and they do push my limits.

Jan 24, 2011

Surviving Senior Year: Staying Stress Free?

“This is going to be my stress free semester.” That was me, as I sat down to coffee with my friend approximately one hour before the start of my first class of the year. I was hopeful, really I was. Along with an awesome internship, I’m only taking two classes, a senior seminar, and a senior reflective tutorial, the capstones for my English major. I mean, how hard could those be right?

Jan 17, 2011

Surviving Senior Year: Preparing for the End

So…I’m back, just a few days away from my very last semester of college ever. It’s a strange feeling, knowing that this is the last time I’ll buy my school supplies, search for cheap books online, write down all my assignments, and swear to keep it together this year.