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Jul 13, 2010

Seventeen Says the Darndest Things: August Edition

Continuing its industry-leading efforts to provide strong role models to its female readers, Seventeen once again chose a winner for this month's cover: Barbados' own marijuana maven, Rihanna. Nothing like trashing hotel rooms and smoking illicit substances to inspire girls to be their best and make their dreams a reality.

Jun 15, 2010

Seventeen Says the Darndest Things: June/July Edition

I love reading magazines year-round, but nothing really says "summer" like laying out in the sun with a margarita and the newest issue of a teen mag. So when I opened up the newest issue of Seventeen, I knew I was in for a treat. Unfortunately, the Seventeen staff underestimated my need for juicy preteen advice and combined their June and July issues into one, but suffice it to say that this issue still contains a few gems only Seventeen would run in its pages.

Apr 13, 2010

Seventeen Says the Darndest Things: May Edition

In this month's issue, I learned such gems as "Switch to decaf drinks after 4 p.m." (but Seventeen, that's when I start drinking caffeinated drinks!) and the fact that Megan "Toe-Thumbs" Fox once held a job in a smoothie café that required her to wear a banana costume. Fascinating. But, as usual, the greatest inspiration was in the "Love Life" section of the magazine

Bad Advice Women Get: Get Fit for Prom

If teen magazines are to be believed, from January to June, there’s exactly one thing on every female high school student’s mind: prom. Or should I say: ~~*OMG [email protected]! Only writing out the word like that can give it the respect it deserves.

An Intern Thing: Fall Intern Season Is Here

Hey Potential Interns ! I just wanted to take a moment to let all students know that Fall Internship season...

Aug 28, 2008

Plaid: Love Of My Life

I. Love. Plaid. I don’t know what it is about that winsome pattern, but I can’t get enough. I suspect...

Jul 28, 2008

Oct 29, 2007

Battle of the Nerds!

• Dorks need to get their anger out somewhere…and you know they aren’t going to the gym! • “It was...

Oct 13, 2007

Are You a Pretty Kitty?

[youtube=] A wise Alpha Kitty said, “Let them eat salmon.” Damn! If only I would have known sooner, I wouldn’t...

Sep 18, 2007

The Freshman 15 to be Made Public. Perfect.

Is your freshman year a little bumpier than expected? College making you feel more like an outsider than part of...

Sep 10, 2007

Are You an Alpha Kitty?

[youtube=] Meow! Someone’s sending YOU a friendly purrrr, and that someone is Atoosa Rubenstein, former Editor-in-Chief of Seventeen Magazine and...