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Jul 8, 2014

This Is Literally The Only Way To Respond To A D*ck Pic

Snapchat him your knees. The bee's knees.

Jun 15, 2014

5 Online Dating Apps and Sites for Girls and Guys Who Are Over the Bulls**t

Online dating can be some bullshit, yes. But if the Internet Gawds can make it easier to deal with (meaning more catches and less creeps), then maybe – just maybe – I can dip a toe or two back into the proverbial pool.

May 24, 2014

5 Fair Reactions to an Unwarranted D*ck Pic

Now don’t get me wrong – I’ve seen many a magic stick in my day. Not in the comfort of my living room whilst lounging on the couch, though.

6 Things You Should Text Me Instead of a Dick Pic

"Great! A picture of a penis. Just what I've always wanted!"

Sep 12, 2013

Uh-Oh! Which Politician Is At It Again With the Sexting?

The photo above is just one example of the apparently over 30 pictures that were exchanged between the candidate and a 23 year old woman.

Jul 25, 2013

Jun 27, 2013

I’m Just Going to Say It: Sexting is Overrated

During one really unfortunate lonely summer, I sent nudes to dudes on Craigslist. When my boyfriend and I first started dating, I used to send him nudes and explicit texts and emails. That all started to taper off once we became more serious and it was a given I'd be seeing him regularly.

Mar 21, 2013

I Don’t Look Sexy on Camera and Sometimes I Feel Weird About It [Sexy Time]

Quite a long time ago (ie, 2011), I made a sex tape with my boyfriend. It was, without a doubt, one of the least sexiest pieces of film I've ever had the misfortune of laying my eyes on.

Dec 12, 2012

Snap Chat Ruins Lives and Romance

The other thing I imagine Snap Chat was actually invented for is sexting. You can go ahead and send your guy a picture of your girls without fear of repercussion, because he obviously can't keep the picture and then put it on the internet later for embarrassment when you're famous.

Nov 24, 2012

Want To Sext? There's An App For That [Candy Dish]

There's a new app, called Snapchat, for sending your naughty bits via text. The app allows you take a pic of your no-no-spots but it dosen't allow the pics to be saved onto your phone and you can set a time limit for how long the other person can see it. 20 seconds for your boo, then poof - it disappears! Would you ever trust an app to send out nude pics?

Aug 15, 2012

The Dos and Don'ts of Texting Naked Pics [He Said/She Said]

There are some basic rules of naked pics, from simple sexting etiquette to the best ways to protect yourself from embarrassment or getting hurt.

Aug 5, 2012

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth: Really in Love or is it a Hoax? [Candy Dish]

So, I really hate to admit how in love I am with Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth's relationship, but I guess the cat is out of the bag.

Jul 31, 2012

Let Your Texting Skills Snag You a Relationship

I'm sure we've all been there before, waiting and waiting and waiting to receive that text, freaking out over how much time we should take to answer back, then of course, wondering what ON EARTH we could even say back that's quirky, cute and interesting.