Single Girl Society

May 22, 2015

5 Questions Newly-Single People DON'T Want to Hear

Helping someone get through a breakup is hard, especially if you're asking the wrong questions.

Dec 30, 2011

The Top Rules of The Single Girl Society

Over the past year, I've shared over 50 lessons that I've learned in my single life to remind you that being single is more than a table for one (even when you're eating a meal portioned for two), or going dateless to you're cousin's wedding — it's a way of life. Here are my top 10 favorite rules to live by while you're single.

Dec 16, 2011

Single Girl Society: Make Yourself Your Priority

By college, we’ve learned that sometimes the one that we want doesn’t always want us. And at that point it doesn’t matter that you would’ve loved him for the rest of his life, or that he promised you he’d never hurt you. Because the only thing that matters when your heart begins to crack again for the first time in a long time is you.

Single Girl Society: Christmas Doesn't Have To Be The Happiest Day of Your Life

I guess you could say I’m sort of a Grinch. It’s not because I’m bitter and single (but let’s be honest, that probably doesn’t help) for whatever reason I’m just not that into that whole sugarplums and Christmas carols thing. I can, however, get down with eggnog and tacky sweater parties. (See, I don’t hate everything about the holidays!) Come holiday season, it’s crucial to remember that it’s not supposed to be a couples’ holiday.

Single Girl Society: Be The Change You Wish To See In The Dating World

So many girls go around and throw knives when they talk about how every guy is a douchebag, and no guy treats them the way they deserve to be treated, like the undercover princesses they truly believe themselves to be. But it’s usually those girls who are the first to laugh in a guy’s face, a guy who braved the social discomfort that we all know tags along with making the first move.

Single Girl Society: You're Not Crazy, You're Just Single

So Glamour magazine tells you you’re supposed to wear sexy underwear even if you’re staying in for the night, and your mother says you’re supposed to keep an open mind -- even if that means going on a blind date with a family friend who you’re pretty sure used to get high on cleaning products -- and people keep telling you you’re the crazy one?

Nov 18, 2011

Single Girl Society: Life Ruiners and Life Savers

Regardless of your relationship status, there will be situations and the people that stir them up, who at any point in time, will have you questioning what’s really important in life. It just so happens, though, that probability of that sort of drama infiltrating your life spikes when you’re single.

Nov 11, 2011

Single Girl Society: Don't Beat Yourself Up Over A One-Night Stand

Whether it’s a guy you know, or a total stranger in True Religion jeans, the awkwardness of the morning after a one-night does not discriminate. Do yourself a favor and get out of there fast. However, while you attempt your hasty escape, make it a point to keep your cool, i.e.: don’t frantically tear through his room to find your keys (or underwear).

Nov 4, 2011

Single Girl Society: Ditch the Facebook Stalking

There a man life lessons to be learned from television series How I Met Your Mother -- from how to craft the perfect "get psyched" mixed CD, to finding out that nothing good happens after 2 a.m. However, my most recent favorite comes from the "Mystery vs. History" episode where Ted and his date promise not to do any secret research online about one another prior to their first date.

Oct 28, 2011

Single Girl Society – Halloween is Girl's Night

The perfect single girl’s Halloween starts with you and your best friends, getting ready together with the perfect party soundtrack playing the background. Halloween is basically a night of dress-up, so take a little extra time getting glamorous with your girlfriends. Just think, if you were getting ready with your boyfriend, you probably wouldn’t get to interrupt applying the perfect smoky eye for a Britney Spears dance-off on the bed.

Oct 21, 2011

Single Girl Society – Sometimes A Friend Isn't Worth Keeping

We’ve all heard the classic rule that “no man is worth losing a friendship over,” and while I whole-heartedly agree when it comes to close friends, I can't say that I agree in all instances. As girls, we all have that one friend who, for whatever reason, seems to only want to know about your dating life.

Oct 14, 2011

Single Girl Society – Don't Fall For A Weed In A Flower's Suit

When it comes to guys, why is that the worst weeds disguise themselves as flowers? As my luck would’ve have it, the most annoying weeds that I can't seem to get rid of in my dating life were the guys that caught my eye first. This theory even goes beyond looks.

Oct 7, 2011

Single Girl Society – You Are More Than The Guys You Like

College is a pretty consuming thing. Schoolwork including homework, group projects with people you wished you’d never met and studying for exams that promise to take up most of your time that week. So if a guy doesn’t take up the majority of your life, then why does he take up the majority of things running through your mind?

Sep 30, 2011

Single Girl Society – Get Over Guilt

Not a day goes by that there isn’t something that triggers a pang of guilt in my life. If it’s not my mother telling me to eat more because there are starving children in India (true, but I don’t see you wrapping up the leftovers and sending it to them), then it’s my accounting textbook staring me down, practically scolding me for having yet to crack it open for my test that week. There’s just something about being a girl that makes us unreasonably prone to feeling guilty at any point.

Sep 23, 2011

Single Girl Society – Don't Ask For Advice You Don't Intend On Taking

So you fell in love with a fool. Who hasn’t? And it seems that every time you’re left to your own devices, you wake up covered in his sheets and your own shame. And even though you refer to him as a soul-sucking douchebag void of emotion, he’s always been your soul-sucking douchebag void of emotion. But just because he’s a fool doesn’t mean you have to be one too.