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Nov 4, 2012

CC Beauty Live: Winter Skin Care

I generally am pretty on top of winter skin care and making sure my skin doesn't dry out. I've got a few new products in my beauty arsenal that I want to share with y'all and some new tips.

Jul 3, 2011

CC Beauty Live: Suki Skin Care

I test out a lot of products, and rarely am I completely blown away by a brand. And even more rarely am I completely blown away by each product I test. Well, I've met my match: Suki Skin Care. You all know how picky I am when it comes to skin care, but after using this brand for the past two weeks I am convinced that I need it in my life.

Mar 13, 2011

CC Beauty Live: Treating Sunburn

I rarely burn, but I've had a few cases of awful sunburn where I had to stay inside and lay on the floor because my down comforter felt like a bed of nails against my skin. I've blistered and picked and even had sun poisoning. So trust me, I feel your pain.

Feb 13, 2011

CC Beauty Live: The Cosmo+Olay Edition

So if you haven’t heard by now, I am in the latest issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine on page 36!  I...

Jan 30, 2011

CC Beauty Live: Skin Care Basics

We go through a lot of make up and hair videos over here, but I don't always go over skin care tips. How are you supposed to properly use makeup if you don't know how to care for your skin?

Jan 9, 2011

CC Beauty Live: Winter Woes

A few weeks ago, I gave you all some winter tips to keep your skin and hair in check as the weather started getting chilly. Well, now I've got some more! There are some of the same (like moisturize A LOT! And use Aquaphor!), but how else will I drill it into your head? This stuff's important, yo.

Nov 7, 2010

CC Beauty Live: The Body Deli

Like I mentioned last week, skin care is one of the most important things in a beauty regimen. I treasure my skincare products, and I think it's crucial to find a line of products that truly works for your skin. And it's not easy with the shelves and shelves full of "miracle products" that claim to fix everything wrong with your skin (and generally don't work).