Apr 7, 2021

7 Snacks and Drinks Perfect for Your Next Picnic

There’s nothing like a nice picnic in the sun with friends. College students especially can reap the benefits of the...

Jun 9, 2020

17 Fun & Quirky Snack Subscriptions for 2020

As we continue spending more time indoors, many families are opting to get their groceries and everyday products delivered. If...

Jul 24, 2016

5 Healthy Grab-And-Go Snacks To Keep In Your Bag

Step away from the vending machine.

Jul 31, 2015

30 Throwback 90's Snacks You Totally Forgot Existed

Tamagotchi in one hand, Go-Gurt in another.

Aug 29, 2011

Body Blog: Back to School Health Roundup

The better you treat your body, the better you will feel. The better you feel, the more successful you’ll be in school and the more energy you’ll have for the really fun stuff. Read on to learn how you can use the latest discoveries in health and fitness to stay healthy, happy, and motivated this school year.

May 10, 2011

14 Food Staples in Every College Kitchen

College Students are creatures of habit. We hang out with the same people. Got to the same bars. Buy the same types of clothes. Take the same classes. And you can't blame us really. We know what we like. We know what works. So why change a good thing, right? Right. But not only does that apply to clothes and classes, it also applies to the kitchen. Because if there is one thing that has been made a college cliche, it's college food.

Oct 26, 2010

Halloween Drinks & Treats

Remember the fun days when your mom prepared disgusting looking food for your favorite friends? When you had to stick your hand into a box and feel something gross like slimy spaghetti? Just because you're in college doesn't mean the childish fun has to stop.

Mar 4, 2010

The Know: Chocolate Just For You

Chocolate. That is one word and gift from heaven I will never get sick of. It tastes good with - um - everything. I never don’t want it. And even when I try to cut it out (like today) I find myself crawling back to it (as in eating it as I write this).