Nov 1, 2015

Yikes: New Health Report Suggests 2 in 3 People Have Herpes

STDs and STIs are scary… especially in our current “hook-up culture” where people are having more casual sexual encounters with...

Jul 12, 2011

Tuffy Luv Sez: CONDOMS!!!!!!!!!!

Now since I have lost my virginity I have found condoms extremely uncomfortable. I mean to the point where I am in tears from the pain. I have not found the reason behind this, I've tried ultrathins and pre-lubricated condoms, I've even tried using extra lube. It just hurts.

Sexy Time: Bareback Mountin’

There are a lot of decisions to be made in a long-term relationship -- whose friends to hang out with more often, if and when to cohabit, whose place to crash at more often, and what you’d both like the future to look like. Once sex enters the relationship – whether if it’s on the first date or on the first night of marriage, there comes a whole new set of decisions to make.

Oct 21, 2010

Tuffy Luv Has Conniptions

Question for La Tuff? Email her at [email protected] for a chance to be featured in this column. Dear Tuffy Luv,...

Jul 20, 2010

And You Thought Your Relationship Was Bad

Girl: "I have a boyfriend." Guy: "I have a goldfish." Girl: "..... What?" Guy: "I thought we were talking about things that don't matter."

Jul 13, 2010

Apr 16, 2010

WTF Friday: All Your Friends Have Herpes

...Or at least that's what CNN is saying in a recent article entitled "The Downside of 'Friends With Benefits.'" If reading about FWBs on CNN isn't disturbing enough, perhaps this will make you WTF:

Mar 4, 2010

The Doc Is In: Dealing with HPV

Q: I am 23-years-old and have been with my boyfriend for 6 years. I got the Gardasil shot last year and my paps have been fine until I got my last Gardasil shot. The doctor told me my pap was abnormal a couple months after my 3rd shot. Was the shot what caused the adnormal pap? The other doctor took a look and did not find anything so she did not do a biospy. I went back 8 months later and she found a small wart and removed it.

Jan 28, 2010

The Doc Is In: I Have HPV. What Now?

Q: I found out that I have HPV. So ,having sex with my boyfriend, does that mean he has HPV too? And if either of us perform oral sex – can the warts then be transferred to our mouths? Will this lead to cancer? On the paper I got back from the doctor it said to come back in 12 months for another pap smear; will it get worse by then? I'm nervous.

Dec 10, 2009

The Doctor Is In: How Do I Know If He’s Clean?

Q: I recently started hooking up with a boy who has, well, gotten around. I asked him if he’d been tested recently and he said he did (and he was “all good!”), but I don’t know if I trust him. Maybe he’s just saying that to get in my pants?

Nov 12, 2009

Sexy Time: Does Peeing After Sex Protect You?

I’m one of those girls who religiously pees after sex. I read an article at some point in my life (probably in Cosmo when I was sneaking it at 15) about how peeing could prevent UTIs. Combine that with the fact that I inherited my mothers insanely-active bladder, and I can’t imagine not taking that trip to the potty.

Nov 5, 2009

The Doctor Is In: Stinky Pee

Q: After unprotected sex I noticed my urine becoming really smelly on a consistent basis, which is a new thing for me. There are no other symptoms-no burning or itching or anything, just the smelliness when I pee. Could this be an STD??

Oct 27, 2009

Gamecocks Top the Trojan Sexual Health Report Card

I always said I had the best job on campus as an employee of the gym. Not only because I got to watch buff dudes lift weights all day, but also because I had a never-ending supply of free condoms available to me. The gym always kept a fully stocked jar of condoms for the average gym-goer to reward themselves with after a good workout.