Summer 2020

Aug 20, 2020

Summer 2020’s Trendiest Fashion

COVID-19 summer is winding down and amidst the lack of places to actually go, fashion has still managed to be...

Jul 30, 2020

The 6 Essentials For The Perfect Summer Road Trip

It’s summer and that means it’s the season for travel and exploration! But planning your perfect summer adventure may be...

Jul 21, 2020

Netflix New Releases, August 2020: What's Coming & Going

You'll have your eyes glued to the TV with August's new releases!

5 Summer Activities To Easy Your Anxiety

The year 2020 has been no joke. Many people have been stressed about their health, finances, friends and family, and...

Jul 10, 2020

Netflix New Releases, July 2020: What's Coming & Going

There are more than enough Netflix releases to keep us occupied this July, but at the cost of losing some of our favorite watches. Time to plan a binge-watch movie night!

Jun 29, 2020

Top 5 Summer Beauty Essentials You Need To Try (2020)

Summer is here: time to restock our beauty supplies. If you want to give off that healthy glow this summer, this list is for you. There is no time to waste!

Jun 10, 2020

Jun 1, 2020

We Just Made Your Summer 2020 Playlist… You're Welcome

It is almost officially June which means S-U-M-M-E-R! More sunshine, fresh watermelon, fully bloomed flowers and -possibly the most important-...

Apr 30, 2020

5 Colourful Eyeshadow Palettes Made For Summer 2020

Summer beauty is all about creating colorful and daring looks. So put away your neutral and nudes only makeup because...

Apr 17, 2020

6 Pretty Summer Trends to Try Once Quarantine Is Over

Just because you’re self-isolating and sporting your same old pair of sweatpants, doesn’t mean that you can’t start planning your...

Mar 16, 2020

5 Shoe Trends That Are Perfect For Summer 2020

Step up your shoe game for Summer 2020 with these trendy styles! From mules, to cool white sneakers. Carina Canvas...

Aug 27, 2019

‘Soul’ Cast: Meet The Cast & Actors

Disney has been on a roll lately, and we love every minute of it! With the return of popular millennium...