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Jun 11, 2020

These 3 Designer Brands Are Collaborating With Target

For over two decades Target has been collaborating with brilliant and creative designers to bring shoppers a more affordable luxury...

May 16, 2011

Versatile Style: Topshop Orange Cutaway Halter Dress

The other day I was browsing the Topshop website and came across a dainty little number with so much potential. The Orange Cutaway Halter Dress (yeah, real original name, Topshop), is, like you guessed, an orange, halter-style dress made of flowy chiffon. Besides the knockout color, this dress also features a stunning cutout in the chest area, giving it a sexy '70s feel and a very thin break in the fabric on the back, which will be evident when you're moving around.

Budget Stylista: Fashion ‘Now & Laters’

In the world of shopping right now, it is a very in between time. It's still so humid that your hair is poofy and your face is dripping with sweat, so the thought of wearing anything warmer than a cotton camisole is non-existent. But at the same time, you know it's silly to buy said cotton camisole-esque ensembles (or other summery 'fits) because before you know it, leather jackets, wool sweaters, knit caps and boots will be your daily staples.

Aug 13, 2010

Fashion Porn: Beach Cover-up Orgy

Whether you choose to wear a bikini or a one-piece, you're going to need a cover-up for going to the beach, or even just covering up a bit to avoid extreme sun exposure. Lucky for you there are some really cute options this year that will easily transition from the beach to the boardwalk (assuming you dry yourself up enough to avoid those pesky wet marks around your boobs...).

Wardrobe Wish List: Flowers in the Fountain Dress by ModCloth

Last week I had a series of outfit mistakes, each one leaving me standing on a subway platform, sweating like a pig, wishing I could strip naked and put on something that wasn’t bringing on hot flashes like a menopausal woman.

Jun 14, 2010

Wardrobe Wish List: Arden B Tie Dye One Shoulder Ruffle Tunic

In the winter months I get really moody. And I’m not just talking snapping at people on the subway because my skin hasn’t seen the light of day in months and the lack of Vitamin D has sent me into a permanent state of PMS. Not only my overall disposition, but my entire style changes during the winter.

Jun 8, 2010

8 Under $20: Beach Cover-Ups

The beach has been calling my name lately. Seriously, I think I heard it. But I'm having a slight issue... all of my beach cover-ups are worn and tired. And one cuts off the circulation to my boobs. Seriously.

Jun 7, 2010

Wardrobe Wish List: Anthropologie Baby’s Breath Dress

So I just got back from a glorious seven days lounging on the beach with no worries other then which wine cooler to pop open next and which bathing suit to wear. And of course the second I arrived back at my doorstep I had a major reality check greeting me with open arms. I instantly went from beach bunny to recent-college-grad-desperate to-make-a-dime.

May 31, 2010

Wardrobe Wish List: Victora’s Secrets Strapless Bra Top Dress

OMG girls, I found THE dress. You know which one I’m talking about. That summer dress that travels at the bottom of your purse everywhere you go. It works for any occasion, any location, at any time. And I have found it: Victoria’s Secrets Strapless Bra Top Dress.

Apr 26, 2010

Wardrobe Wish List: Sailor Button Dress

I am in total freakin’ party mode right now. Not that I blame myself; actually, far from it. Instead I am rewarding myself for delaying Senioritis until the last 3 weeks of the year by downing bottles of wine with the girls on weeknights and stumbling into morning class with barhead and underye circles.

Apr 22, 2010

Fashion Porn: Spring Dress Orgy

With the end (fingers crossed) of the rain and the new May flowers that follow, what better way to celebrate it finally feeling like spring than with a dress! This year, there are so many adorable spring dresses to choose from that's it's hard to pick! (I just bought three...I have a problem.)

Apr 19, 2010

Wardrobe Wish List: Eliza J. Pleated Dress

With so many huge events in my immediate future (you know, graduating, joining the unemployment line, probably moving back in with my parents) obviously my most major concern is what I am going to wear. Hey, just because I have no job and am mooching of the ‘rents doesn’t mean I can’t do it in style.