Aug 5, 2011

Crazy Sushi Rolls

As a young woman in college, you're kinda expected to LOVE sushi. The most common response to "what should we get for dinner tonight?" is usually "sushi...DUH!" So by the time you graduate college, you think you've seen it all when it comes to rolls. Well think again. We've dug up some of the craziest sushi rolls you've ever seen. And if you're not impressed, you'll at least be hungry.

May 19, 2011

Candy Dish: Liv is a Love Child?!

•Arnold's not the only one with baby mama drama •We're getting nostalgic for 1989 • How to dress like Ashley Greene for cheap •Maria Sharapova is making $3,200 on just her earlobes •Craving some sushi after looking at this photogasm •Did your favorite comedian make the list? • This makes us sad for our future children

Nov 11, 2010

Not Everything About Your Ex is Bad

Just about everyone out there seems to have dating horror stories. Seriously, ask anybody; chances are they'll tell you that they have a relationship that they wish had just never happened. I myself went through a pretty nasty break up earlier this year. I've spent the past 7 months trying to put my life back together and pretty much hating my ex for how nasty he got post-breakup.

Coupled. And Trying New Things

OK, so this pic is misleading. No matter how much I love my BF, I wouldn't jump out of a plane for him. Even with a gray-haired instructor on my back. But that being said, I've recently realized how many new things I've tried since calling Matt my boyfriend.

The Latest News In Health

Health guidelines and facts are constantly changing as we learn more about the human body and what we need to stay strong. To maintain optimal health, you need to keep up to date with the newest in fitness, nutrition and medical research.

Sexy Time: Food Sex

[For many of us, sex and college go together like Uggs and snow – you can’t have one without the...

Aug 9, 2008

Pssht…And You Thought Sushi Was Just For Fish!

When I stumbled over this recipe, I fell off my chair. No, really. I have the bruises to show for...

Apr 7, 2008

“I Can’t Believe I Lied to Bret”: ROL 2 Recap: Episode 11

Last time: we found out that Daisy is a stripper and Jessica went home. Morning: everyone is back at...

Dec 3, 2007

CNN Gives Sex Advice, We Die a Little Inside

• CNN is getting into sex advice…for some reason. Today? Kissing techniques! Kind of like getting sex tips from my...

Oct 11, 2007

Weekly Obsessions: Colorful Fun!

It’s Thursday again and that means it’s time for another round of Weekly Obsessions! This week has been a mix...

Oct 4, 2007

Weekly Obsessions: Healthy and Happy

Welcome to Thursday! Last week I was channeling Grandma, and while some of those habits have carried over from last...

Jul 28, 2007

Foods to Fight PMS

And so it is, that time of the month. Being a woman is great, but when PMS meanders into our...

Jul 26, 2007

Sushi 101

I know for some people it ranks right up there with eating bugs, but I’m a sushi lover and proud...