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Nov 24, 2009

8 Under $20: Victoria’s Secret

If I know one thing it's that girls who only shop at Victoria's Secret for the bras/panties/sexy lingerie are really missing out. That Vicki has a lot more to offer than lacy underthings that make your boobs look huge; Victoria's Secret is also an awesome place to stock up on clothes, shoes and beauty products. They even have jeans that give your butt some lift!

Nov 19, 2009

It’s On: Express vs. New York & Co.

New York & Co. and Express both sell clothes that most would consider “Business Casual/Professional Wear” and “Evening Wear.” And while you may not by your ridiculously sexy homecoming dress there, if you want to look sophisticated, sexy and like a grown up, these two stores are contending for your money.

Jun 11, 2009

Fashion Porn: Outerwear Orgy

Sometimes it's just too cold to go jacketless on a summer night - but that doesn't mean you have to ruin your perfect summer outfit with a heavy coat, or warm sweater. While you could chance it, and pray you meet a hot (and chivalrous) man that will keep you warm on those chilly nights, sometimes a girl has to take care of herself.

Style Idol: From Knocked Up to Knock Out, Katherine Heigl

[Celebrities get paid to look good and serve as a style guide to all us common folk, and part of...

Candy Dish: Dorota, You’re A Star!

Spotted: Dorota getting her own TV show?! An arrest for the murders of Jennifer Hudson’s family members. All I want...

Dec 2, 2008

(Halloween) Candy Dish: Trick or Treat, Smell Our Feet

Happy Halloween! What are you wearing?! Mary Kate and Ashley play pin up. Kevin Smith decides to lose weight…after breaking...

Oct 31, 2008

Jul 31, 2008

Purple Haze: Fashion Goes A Shade of Violet

Purple is in right now. I first caught wind of this when my friend was bemoaning the fact that eggplant...

Jul 9, 2008

WTF: Shopping for Sweaters in July?

Jackets already? No thanks. (Photo courtesy of Urban Outfitters) It’s hot today in New York. Really. Hot. Even in the...

Dec 21, 2007

Let The SpoonSisters Brighten Your Holiday!

Are you desperately searching for some last minute gifts? Really last minute, as in they’ll-probably-get-it-after-Christmas-but-whatever gifts? Or maybe you’re kind...

Nov 1, 2007

My Freshman Year: Day 72

Days as a Freshman: 72 Mood: Jumpy “Grace?” Sasha’s voice was louder this time, his hand still on my...

Oct 13, 2007

Embrace Sweater Season!

For most people, Fall means three things: football, candy corn pumpkins (my absolute fav.) and midterms. And for those of...