Apr 26, 2016

Permanent Tattoos That Can Be Removed Without A Laser Are In The Works

But don't get your bf's name inked on your arm just yet.

Feb 9, 2016

5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Getting A Tattoo

Because they don't wash away like temporary Lisa Frank ones from our childhood.

Nov 23, 2015

This Brave Woman Got Inked 11 Times In One Week To Show 100 Years Of Americana Tattoo History

"If your body is your temple, then you should be able to decorate it how you want."

Sep 8, 2015

This Tattoo Artist Gives Domestic Abuse Survivors Beautiful Tattoos To Cover Their Scars For Free

"The only ‘cost’ women need to invest is to choose a design for their tattoos!"

Aug 12, 2015

Top 10 Worst Celebrity Tattoos

Ed Sheeran isn’t the only celeb with questionable ink.

Aug 28, 2013

The 17 Best Sloth Meme Tattoos: Live Slow, Die Whenever

Sloths are the new cute cats, they're the new adorable puppies, otters are totally over.

Jul 11, 2013

Which Celebrity Has This Tasteful Under-Butt Tattoo?

If you've been looking for great tattoo ideas, your search is over.

Feb 21, 2013

These 15 Old Peeps With Tattoos Make Me Wish I Was More Exciting [Gallery]

You know older folks with tattoos were bad ass growing up because tattoos didn't become a popular trend until the early '90s. Prior to that it was only criminals and folks in the Navy who really had tattoos. So if you're old and you've got a full sleeve you've probably lived life in one way or another.

Feb 8, 2013

The 10 Best Ironic “Tramp Stamps” We’ve Ever Seen [Gallery]

Normally, I'd have a problem calling this kind of tattoo a "tramp stamp" because clearly it's just another way to slut shame women.

Feb 1, 2013

Miley Cyrus Got A New Tattoo

Miley Cyrus got a new tattoo. It's kinda cute. Nothing completely original but one purpose of a good tattoo is to act as a good accessory and this tat is simple enough to do that.