Taylor Momsen

Oct 17, 2013

Watch Little J Slut Shame Herself Or Sing A Song About Going To Hell

Nate Archibald would totally be into this. Dan would just bitch about it, tho.

Oct 15, 2012

Taylor Momsen Is Naked in Her New Video and I Should Care Why?

In my opinion it's supposed to be tasteful and representative of the lyrics in her piece. The last thing she says before the camera zooms out on her nekkidness is, "and finally I'm free." Obviously the act of not wearing clothes has symbolized freedom for a while, so I understand.

Roles Celebs Are Destined To Play

Have you even seen someone and thought, "OMG so-and-so should totally play them in a movie"? Well we have too...ALL THE TIME. There are some roles so destined for certain celebrities that it's a wonder they haven't struck a multi-million dollar deal with Warner Brothers yet.

Nov 15, 2011

It's Time to Close Up Shop, Gossip Girl

I say this not because I hate you but because I used to love you. Once upon a time you were the highlight of my Monday night, rivaling even The Bachelor for the most sacred spot in my heart. You were funny and entertaining and Upper East Side style scandalous without being ridiculous.

May 10, 2011

Nov 24, 2010

Candy Dish: This is Real Life Drama

• Did Taylor Momsen get kicked off GG? Or not? • Help Cookie Monster host SNL • Fun exercises for the perfect body • Is there any hope for the Gosselin kids? • 5 unforgivable food mistakes • Awesome Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals • How to find a good gyno

Nov 12, 2010

Gossip Cheat Sheet: Preggo Pink! Kanye’s Outrageous

I don't know why I still act surprised when something crazy happens with celebrities. It's not really shocking anymore, but some things do give me a "if this shizz didn't happen all the time, I might be surprised" kind of vibe. This week Lindsay Lohan seems to be doing well in rehab, Kanye lost it once again, celebs are pregnant, and Taylor Swift is still with Jake Gyllenhaal (and still can't sing).

Oct 25, 2010

Candy Dish: Get These Celebs a Reality Show!

• 8 celebs with strange (really strange) side jobs. • Taylor Momsen just keeps getting better and better. • How has the recession affected women? • Prevent the cold this season! • Does anyone understand what's going on in Kanye's latest movie? • Keep those lips kissable all winter long.

Oct 15, 2010

Taylor Momsen Gets Deep

Meet Taylor Momsen, hooker assassin/charming sixteen-year-old who recently shared this insightful tidbit of information about herself: