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Sep 9, 2013

Does My Ex Want To Get back Together Or Is He Messing With My Mind? [Ask A Dude]

I want to hang out with him all the time because I hope that we could get back together. But I don't want to get my hopes up for no reason. I'm really confused by his behavior. I don't know if he's flirting with me again, or not. I don't want to misread things and make it awkward.

Sep 2, 2013

What Do Guys Find Intimidating About Women? [Ask A Dude]

What does it mean when a guy says you're intimidating? A good guy friend of mine I've known for years, we're hanging out at his coming home party, family barbeque/get together thing, and he brings up how he's always been intimidated by me.

Aug 19, 2013

Is His Excuse to Break Up With Me Total BS? [Ask A Dude]

If a guy breaks it off with you suddenly after two years and tells you he has family issues, this is bullcrap right? Everyone has issues in life its still no reason or excuse to push people away then he texts every now and again but would take sometimes days to reply which is just plain rude.

15 TV Shows You Should Watch For Their Amazing Finales

There have been some incredibly disappointing finales to glorious runs and some surprisingly potent finales for shows that seemed like they’d never get it together. Here are some shows whose finales are can’t-miss TV and give back for all that you’ll give to the show…

Jul 31, 2013

Why’d He Disappear? [Ask A Dude]

Basically, I went out with a guy from Uni on a couple of dates. We got along really well and would text and chat heaps. He told me he liked me, and started to casually mention things like "we should go to...." (things that were a few months away as well!). It's now been like a month since I have heard from him.

Jul 8, 2013

How Do I Get Him To Be More Adventurous In Bed? [Ask A Dude]

We have had sex a couple times already and it was that sweet, loving kind of sex. Don't get me wrong, it was wonderful, but I was wondering what the best way is to see if your boyfriend would consider being a little naughtier in the sheets (ex: dirty talking?) without looking like a total sl00t?

Jun 17, 2013

Apr 22, 2013

Do His Actions Speak Louder Than His Words? [Ask A Dude]

I feel like if a guy is telling me he's not interested, but can still be sold on sex, I should probably just accept that he's "not that into it" instead of telling myself he's just scared of commitment or is putting up walls.

Apr 15, 2013

Do “We Have To Talk?” [Ask A Dude]

Why is asking to talk to a guy a big deal? Recently I texted my FWB that I wanted to talk to him, and asked if he had a minute later on in the day. He immediately shot back, "What's it about? Am I in trouble?"

Mar 25, 2013

Why Do Guys Sleep With Girls They’re Not Attracted To? [Ask A Dude]

He insisted he still didn't find her attractive, and wasn't really looking to date her. When I asked him how he could possibly be interested in sex with her, he looked at me like I was crazy.

Mar 18, 2013

When Do Men Stop Thinking “Me” and Start Thinking “We”? [Ask a Dude]

Our relationships, in whatever form they take to begin with, always seem to hit the same problem area eventually. The dreaded "gray area". It's where men tend to drag out the dating or hooking up phase, and avoid putting a label on "what we are".

Mar 16, 2013

Where Are All The Hot Girls During Winter?

There’s a certain phenomenon that happens on the first warm day of the year: The streets are filled with absolutely stunningly beautiful women. Ask any guy, he’ll say the same thing: “It’s like they’ve been hibernating and have come back!”

Mar 11, 2013

What Part of Women’s Bodies Do Men Look at During Sex? [Ask A Dude]

I'm pretty secure with my body, but I know there are some areas I could use to tone up. (Shout out to my Kardashian butt!) When I have sex, it's pretty inevitable that my less-firm parts take center stage and I'm worried it's a turn off to guys.

Mar 4, 2013

How Much Do Guys Expect on the First Date? [Ask a Dude]

I've been out on first dates with guys who barely go in for a kiss at the end of the night, and others who can't seem to get my clothes off fast enough.