the real world

Feb 17, 2017

Cory Wharton Opens Up About Finally Being A Vet On MTV’s ‘The Challenge’ (Until The Champs Come, That Is)

"It was weird for people to come up to me and say, 'Which days are Challenge days?'"

Mar 24, 2013

The Absolute Best Seasons of The Real World

I have been watching MTV and more specifically, The Real World, since I can remember. I have an older brother and sister who were watching it while I snuck downstairs and hid behind the couch. I watched these crazy young people drink, fight, and have sex with each other like it's part of their daily routines. But even so, it was amazing.

The People You Meet [Lessons from the Mile High Club]

That's what life is all about. Creating a story that you've lived, grasping everything around you and pulling it all in.

Stars, They're Just Like Us? [Candy Dish]

I always snicker when Us Weekly does that full page in the magazine called 'Stars, they're just like Us.'

Jun 26, 2012

Choose Your Own Adventure [Lessons from the Mile High Club]

Maps open a world of possibilities to travelers of every kind. Through charted courses and roads yet to be discovered.

Jun 9, 2012

How to Find The Love of Your Life

Okay, okay, I know the title’s sappy as all get out, and I admit we can fall in love with more than one person, but nonetheless I have found an increasingly common denominator:

May 13, 2012

The Golden Rule For Your Job Interview

I’ve been on a bunch of job interviews. I’ve been interviewed by one person, a panel of three, in multiple cities, for varying sizes of companies, and for everything from retail to administrative to creative positions.

Apr 16, 2012

What Scares Me About Being an Adult [The Weekly 10]

There are so many things about graduating that scare me. I feel like there are a lot of adult things that I don’t know about yet that I will automatically need to know about right when I walk across the stage. Can someone please teach me about this stuff in a month? Pretty please?

Feb 18, 2012

Adult Things to Buy for Your New Adult Apartment

We're all kind of in that limbo stage or the words of Ms. Spears, "Not a girl, not yet a woman." But this notion does not stop me from dreaming of days when I live in Downtown Chicago in my very own amazing apartment with grown-up stuff everywhere such as candles and plants. When people come over for dinner parties, they will walk in and gasp, "Katie! Your apartment is!"

Sep 7, 2011

This Post Grad Life: I'm Generally Insecure, About Everything

To me, saying I'm insecure sounds a little harsh. It sounds a little wobbly and flaky. It sounds dishonest and awkward. Sometimes, it seems like I'm a little too big for it, kind of like Alice in Wonderland after she ate that piece of crack bread and grew her arms out of a cottage. But I'm willing to believe actually admitting an insecurity of any sort is the first step to fixing it.

Nov 8, 2010

The Weekly Ten: Reality TV Shows That Changed Our Lives

You might not have noticed this, but here at CollegeCandy, we’re kind of TV addicts. Comedies. Dramas. Dramedies. It doesn’t really matter. As long as it’s on, we’ll watch it. And if we're not there to see it, we'll DVR it and watch it later.

Oct 25, 2010

Surviving Senior Year: Passing the Torch

So I’m registering for classes this week. The second semester of my senior year. My last semester ever as an undergraduate. Better make it a good one right? Oh, I intend to.