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Tim Gunn

Jan 25, 2012

Candy Dish: All About the Maras

•It's a good year for the Mara family •The reason for Demi's downfall: whip-its •What happens when a comedian does celeb sleepovers  •Small ways to make your place more fab •Tim Gunn's been rather... celibate Kim Kardashian gets charitable

Aug 11, 2011

Candy Dish: Hey Girl, I Want Candy

•Ryan Gosling loves buying candy, whenever and wherever •Shocker of the day: less sexism = more sex •Start your morning right with some hot surfers •'Three Stooges' Jersey Shore Guidette style? •Hollywood is uneasy about sex scenes but loves potty humor •Why films are better than movies •Tim Gunn's 10 must have items

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Nov 8, 2010

Shop Your Closet: Ruffled Top

There's a pile of clothes on the floor beside your closet, and you're still standing in your undies undecided about what to wear. The transitional season wardrobe slump has hit you. Whether key pieces of clothing are sitting in your hamper (two wears over what is considered hygienic) or you just can't make up your mind, you have nothing to wear. On the verge of running late for your class, your job or meeting up with friends, you know you have to "Make it work!"

Oct 12, 2010

Gossip Girl: I Almost Forgot How Much I Used To Enjoy Your Pie

Have you ever been so excited for something - counting down the minutes, planning your day around it, fantasizing about how amazingly awesome it is going to be, turning off your cell phone so you won't be interrupted - only to be totally disappointed? Yeah, welcome to the day I lost my virginity my Monday night.

Sep 29, 2010

Candy Dish: Britney Takes Over Glee

Let's watch the best scenes again! • 5 things you gotta experience before you graduate. • Tim Gunn has something to say about EVERYONE. • Old men are creepy (via the New York Times). • 5 single girl traits to re-learn after a break up. • Dirty little secrets we ladies keep from men.

Jul 29, 2010

Jersey Shore or Project Runway – What Do You Watch?!

Today's a big day, people. ot only is it National Lasagna Day, but tonight's TV schedule boasts two major season premiers: Jersey Shore (So fitting, right?) and Project Runway!

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Jul 14, 2010

CollegeCandy Plays Matchmaker: Hollywood Couples That Would Actually Last

We all know that relationships don’t last long in Hollywood. Could it be because celebrities are completely blind to their perfect matches? You can’t let things like addictions and insane exes get in your way of true love, guys!

Project Runway: Potato Sack Couture

Last night I was forced to make one of the most difficult decisions of my life. Seriously, I finally understood what Sophie went through. Which would I watch: Project Runway or the Jersey Shore season finale?

Project Runway Season 7 Live-blog

We've already made our pick for this season's winner (and token ferosh gay guy, obvi), and now it's time to find out if either of them will even make it past the first auf Wiedersehen. Yes, my friends, it's finally time for Project Runway Season 7 to start!

Who’s Who on Project Runway, Season 7?

Project Runway Season 7 kicks off tonight! Along with our usual faves - Heidi, Tim, Michael and Nina - we're getting a whole new batch of designers to cut, stitch and bitch their way to the top. But while the 16 designers are all fresh faces, I know that many of them will fill the typical roles of contestants in season's past.

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Jan 6, 2010

Get Your DVRs Ready – TV is Back!

The holidays are over, winter break is in full swing (or completely over, for some of us) and we no longer have to rely on "MADE" re-runs to satiate our hunger for reality TV. Lots of our favorite (read: guiltiest pleasure) shows are coming back this month.

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Nov 17, 2009

CollegeCandy’s Gay Men Of The Year

GQ magazine has unveiled its annual “Men of the Year” list. They have men in every category from Leader of the Year: Obama, to Badass of the Year: Clint Eastwood. While GQ did a comprehensive job of compiling the best men out there (who will all be starring in tonight's sexy dreams), it got me to thinking. What about Best Gay Man of the Year?

Nov 13, 2009

Project Runway Rundown: What Did Carol Hannah Do To Deserve This?

Well, it took an entire season but after going home with the top 3 designers – Meana Irina, Giggles Hannah and Hometown Althea - I think I’m finally invested in Project Runway. Though that might have nothing to do with what the girls are actually working on and more to do with watching Tim Gunn first in a flowery apron and then trying to work that old elevator in Althea’s building.

Sep 25, 2009

Project Runway Rundown: Lights, Camera, Hot Green Mess

Last night's challenge was to design a costume for a Hollywood film. The designers had to choose from a few different film genres and create a character, a story and a look within that genre. Tim pulled names out of that little velour (of course he'd have velour!) bag of his, which decided what order designers could pick their genre.

Sep 18, 2009

The Project Runway Rundown: What’s Black and White and Blah All Over?

I have a confession to make: I was more excited about my California Pizza Kitchen leftovers last night than I was about Project Runway. Now, I’m sure most of you are thinking to yourself, “Obvi. CPK is the, so who wouldn’t be super excited about those?”

Sep 11, 2009

The Five Questions We Ask Everyone: Student Fashion Designer, Su Beyazit

CollegeCandy loves lots of things, but two of our favorites? Fashion Week and terrific, creative college girls. And guess what? There's one fabulous female who brings our two favorite things together (besides peanut butter and chocolate): student and fashion designer, the lovely Su Beyazit.

Sep 4, 2009

Project Runway Rundown: auf Wiedersehen, Bitches!

You know what they say in baseball: “Three strikes, and you’re out!” And now we know the same is true in Project Runway. But more on that later. First let's discuss Tim Gunn in flip flops and Wayfarers.

Aug 21, 2009

Project Runway Rundown: Freaks and… Lohan?

Of course, before we got to meet the new designers in the main event, we had a little taste of some of our favorite designers from previous seasons in the Project Runway All-Star Challenge. I was more than happy to spend two hours with Chris March, Santino Rice, Daniel Vosovic, among others, but after seeing the snooze-fest of a cast that is season 6, I wish I hadn't been teased...

Aug 20, 2009

Candy Dish: Lindsay Lohan Is Talkin’ Funny

• Didn't you know Lindsay Lohan was British? • This might be worse than PDA. • Keira Knightley gets booby for Chanel. • Finish your summer in fabulous style. • Tyra Banks wants to buy your love. • Jon Stewart is totally crushing on Tim Gunn.

Aug 20, 2009

CollegeCandy’s Favorite Project Runway Moments [Video]

In honor of tonight's Project Runway return (a full 5 hours of it!), I decided to take a trip down PR memory lane. It's difficult to choose my favorite moments from my long term relationship with Project Runway (how can you choose when you've got season after season of people like Kayne, Blayne and that weirdo lady who spit on her dress?!), but here are some of the best.

Aug 19, 2009

Welcome Back, Project Runway!

Project Runway is finally coming back tomorrow night. They've kept us waiting for-freaking-ever and now it's all coming back in a MAJOR way. I am still not quite over the fact that I have to watch Lifetime (the same network my mom boasts as her fav), but I gotta say: I'm really excited to see what this new season has to offer.

Apr 16, 2009

Girl Crush: Heidi Klum

When I'm not sitting around being insanely jealous of Heidi Klum, I'm crushing on her. Obviously, I'm jealous because at 35, and having popped out three kids, Heidi still looks insanely hot naked.

Jan 3, 2009

Make It Work!: Top 5 Celeb Clothing Lines Most In Need of Tim Gunn’s Gentle Constructive Criticisms

In days of yore, clothing lines were created by people like Jeanne Lanvin, CoCo Chanel, Hubert de Givenchy; people with...

Dec 10, 2008

A Day without Gay. No Way!

Ever since California agreeed to pass Proposition 8, many gay right activists groups have been rallying in an effort to...

Oct 22, 2008

Stylista: Our Newest Reality TV Obsession

Now that Project Runway is over and Leanne-imal is out designing wave-inspired ensembles, what the hell is a girl supposed...

Oct 15, 2008

Project Runway Rundown: The Big Finale

Tonight was a big night with big decisions: Do I watch the presidential debate, or do I watch the highly...

Oct 15, 2008

The Real Debate: Watch The Debate or Project Runway?

VS. Today is a big day. Not only is it Hump Day and National Grouch Day, but it also happens...

Oct 9, 2008

The Project Runway Rundown: “I love everyone in that room…even Kenley!”

We are getting so close to the finish line, I can feel it! (And it feels great, considering how crap-tastic...

Oct 1, 2008

The Project Runway Rundown: Missing Tulle is the Least of Kenley’s Problems

I never really thought about it before, but being a member of any reality show for an extended period has...

Sep 25, 2008

The Project Runway Rundown: Korto Goes Country

Yay! Project Runway was so good last night. So good! It was just like old times; the designers got to...

Aug 21, 2008

Project Runway Rundown: Jumping the (Drag) Shark

It’s official; even the execs at Bravo know that this season of Project Runway blows. Why else would they dream...

Aug 7, 2008

Project Runway Rundown: Go For the Gold!

I have to say – last night’s episode of Project Runway brought back feelings of happier times. Times when the...

Jul 31, 2008

Project Runway Rundown: Holler at Your Boy

While watching Project Runway last night, I realized a few things. For one, I realized that Daniel (dude with black...

Jul 24, 2008

Project Runway Rundown: The Runway Goes Green

Last night’s episode of Project Runway really made Lauren happy. Lauren is all about saving the environment, so Lauren was...

Jul 17, 2008

Project Runway Rundown: The Table Cloth Fiasco

Welcome back, Tim Gunn! Oh, and the rest of you Project Runway people. I can’t tell you how excited I...

Jul 11, 2008

Project Runway Winners: Where Are They Now?

As the 5th season of Project Runway draws nearer (next week! Yessss!), I can’t contain my excitement. I have spent...