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Jul 28, 2015

10 Steps To Surviving A Family Vacation

2. Squeeze in some alone time.

Jul 26, 2015

Black Smoke Fills the Air as Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas Catches Fire

Two people were injured yesterday and hundreds more were evacuated from the well-known Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas after a...

Jun 15, 2015

22 Life Hacks You Need To Know Before Traveling This Summer

These hacks won't just save you time, space, and money - they'll keep your sanity in tact.

Mar 10, 2015

The Map You Need For The Ultimate United States Road Trip

Ever dream of packing up the car and hitting the open road with some friends?

Feb 27, 2015

The Dos and Don’ts Of Spring Break

Spring Break is a week long period where you can be whoever your heart desires. With that being said, we have some suggestions that may prevent future embarrassments during your week of debauchery.

Dec 28, 2014

Winter Break: Expectations vs. Reality

Reality: The only exercise you do is walking from the couch to the Costco-stocked fridge and back.

Oct 25, 2014

The Vacation Edit: 10 Items To Pack For A Weekend Getaway

Maybe it’s because I’m heading on a much-needed vacation this week (if anyone has any tips of fun things to...

Jun 26, 2013

Score Big Discounts on Mystery Vacations with GetGoing [Web Spy]

Traveling isn't always affordable for everyone, though. But the good news is that there are a lot of great deals out there, and the awesome website GetGoing has a lot of them.

Mar 8, 2013

Your Budget-Friendly Spring Break Style Guide! [8 Under $20]

I've found 8 essential pieces for your spring break getaways. Whether you'll be lounging on the beach all day or going out at night, I've found a few looks that are perfect enough for every situation.

Aug 13, 2012

Packing Light for a Weekend Getaway [CC Lookbook]

Weekends away are a great, if not short, escape from reality. But packing for them, without overpacking can sometimes be a little stressful. Luckily for you, I'll pulled together a style guide to help you out.

Mar 7, 2012

Web Spy: Hipmunk

While I love to travel, the one thing that I don't love about it is planning the flights. Trying to find the perfect flight on the date and times you want, without too many layovers, at the lowest price possible amidst the sea of flight options out there is enough to drive a person crazy. But with Hipmunk, booking flights is now a whole lot less stressful.

Mar 2, 2012

I Wish I Were Here! [Photos]

I want to run away and go somewhere exciting. Somewhere awesome, somewhere I've never been before. Sadly, money doesn't grow on trees, and I can't afford an exotic getaway. But that doesn't mean I can't dream.

Feb 13, 2012

Places I Want To Go For Spring Break [Photos]

Ah, spring break. So close yet so far away. Is it bad that the semester just started but I'm already dreaming about it? I can't wait for a chance to get away. Where will I really be going for spring break? Nowhere. But a girl can dream, right?

Jan 25, 2012

Warm Places I’d Rather Be Right Now [Photos]

Ok, so it hasn't been that rough of a winter in NYC. In fact, there's not even any snow on the ground currently. But don't let any of the aforementioned fool you. That hasn't stopped me from dreaming of a tropical vacation.Warm sun, sandy beach, comfy lounge chair and a cold drink? Um...yes, please, sign me up!

Jan 23, 2012

Celebrications: Celebrities on Jet Skis [Photos]

Instead of freezing over the holidays, it looks like most celebs opted for tropical vacations. Luckily for us, every single one of them decided to take a ride on a jet ski. From those who looked like they were born to ride the waves, to some others who seemed more than awkward in their puffy life jackets, this is one of those galleries you never knew you wanted to see...but you totally do.

Nov 9, 2011

This Post Grad Life: Expand Your Adventurous Side

In one week, I spent half a day in Jamaica (bought Roasted Ground coffee and coconut rum candies), I explored nearly every edge of New York City (found a killer pizza parlor, took mock pictures at Tiffany's and ate cookies from Bouchon Bakery) and I sunbathed next to a clear pool in Florida while sending Twit-Pics of the palm tree-clad view.

Jan 12, 2011

Put This on Your iPod: AWOLNATION’s Back From Earth

Not only do I want to mourn the end of my last semester break of college, but to also drink away this past week with my entire family under the same roof for the first time in a year. For this last weekend of break, I highly recommend AWOLNATION's debut EP, Back From Earth.

Sep 29, 2010

Would You Rather…

Would You Rather be forced to pick up an unhealthy habit you hate (smoking, eating fast food for every meal, giving up exercising) OR give up your absolute favorite activity?

Jul 15, 2010

The Six Types of Friends You’ll NEVER See over Summer Break

Ah, summer. The temperatures rise, the air thickens, our tans darken (unless you work in an office like me), and we go back to the old friends from home that we haven't spent much time with in the past year. But among the mass of people you used to see all the time in high school, there are six different types of people that you will never see over your long summer vacation at home.

Jun 16, 2010

Web Spy: Dads on Vacation

Ah, summer. There's something about this time of year that brings back memories of the beach, county fairs, baseball, and, of course, family vacations. Although at times, my family drove me crazy on those trips and I'd much rather have been anywhere else than with them, there are still tons of great memories of all those long drives.

Jun 10, 2010

Coupled. And Giving Gifts

Every year, by the time the second week in June rolls around, two things happen to me. 1) I start obsessively checking my calendar to make sure that Father’s Day isn’t this Sunday and 2) I start freaking out about what to get David for his birthday.

Mar 7, 2010

Spring Break at Home: The Silver Lining

Clearly, there are plenty of reasons for me to be bitter about my lack o' travels this Spring Break but, I am deciding to look the bright side for a change. Sweating poolside under the shade of an US Weekly magazine or not, I'm going to make the best out of my Spring Break, and - turns out - it is easier than I thought because you can:

Mar 3, 2010

7 Ways to Make The Most of Your On-Campus Spring Break

We are reaching the week in the semester that is marked on every college students’ calendar. Whether the seven days in the planner reads “PUNTA CANA” in big letters or are filled by a volunteer service trip, Spring Break has finally arrived.

Mar 3, 2010

Web Spy:

Spring Break is just around the corner, and it has college students everywhere are dreaming of a week free from classes, preferably spent partying and relaxing on a beach somewhere warm. However, that's not always a reality on a college student's budget, and many students resort to spending their week off from school at home--or worse, stuck in the abandoned dorms--while everyone else is having fun.

Feb 26, 2010

Spring Break Truths

Spring Break is nearly here and for many of you that means your first ever real College Spring Break: the beach, the drinks, the bikinis, the (lots and lots of ) partying. I bet you can already taste the salt on your margarita. But before you pack those bags and head off for "the most epic vacation, EVER!!", there's a few things you should know.