Feb 15, 2011

Greek Speak: Holiday Bonding

So yesterday was Valentine’s Day. Not that you needed that (brutal) reminder; the aisles at CVS said it all. If you were one of the lucky few of us (not me) that were whisked away on some romantic fairytale-like evening… well, good for you. But I don't wanna hear about it.

Feb 12, 2010

Weekly Wrap Up: Chocolate Is (still) A Girl’s Best Friend

This week flew by faster than my entire college career has so far, and that is saying a lot. It felt like two days ago when I discovered my first 'Thirsty Thursday.' And wasn't it just yesterday when I was holding back confused tears as Ali chose her job and left Jake with only three women on The Bachelor? Yeah, I'm ashamed.

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Feb 12, 2010

The CC Weekly Weigh In: It’s Good to be Loved

There's nothing quite like the feeling of being loved. Not even fresh, hot chocolate chip cookies (with a little extra raw dough on the side) gives you the same warm, comforting feeling of knowing that someone out there really, really loves you. And that someone can be anyone: a boyfriend, a girlfriend, a best friend, your dog. It just feels good to be loved.

Feb 10, 2010

A Single Girl’s (Tried and True) Guide to Valentine’s Day

On the dreaded day of February 14th, I used to be the cliché girl dressed in all black because I proclaimed Valentine’s Day to be a dumb holiday created by card companies to ruin the institution of love. But really, I was just bitter about that fact that I wouldn’t be receiving a single Valentine’s card, nor did I have anybody to give one to.

Feb 10, 2010

Would You Rather… Valentine’s Day Edition

It's the end of the world as we know it. First Washington D.C. gets the most snow they've seen in 90 years and then an earthquake hits Illinois?! WTF is going on? Is Mother Nature mad that she doesn't have a Valentine?

Feb 9, 2010

Do It Yourself Tuesdays: Oreo Truffles

OK, so we've only got 5 days until Valentine's Day. And that means 5 days until you are inundated with cards, candies and treats.... and you still have nothing to give anyone else.

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Feb 8, 2010

My Ideal Valentine’s Date

Valentine's Day sure does have a way of sneaking up on me and my singleness every year. And I'm not sure how it happens, seeing as the heart-shaped candy has been out since December. But while I may be forced to cuddle up with my pup come Sunday, it turns out that most people - single or taken - would actually prefer it!

Coupled. On Valentine’s Day

I've always hated Valentine's day. Mainly because for a good 90% of my life, the only thing I got on Valentine's Day was a teddy bear and chocolates from my mom. While she meant well, it wasn't exactly a self esteem booster in high school when all the other girls were getting roses in homeroom from their sweethearts.

Dressing to Impress: How to Interview in Style

We’re halfway (kind of) through winter, which means that we’re closer to spring, closer to summer, and thus totally consumed...

Learn Your Textiquette…and Win a Brand New Samsung Propel!

Are you planning on sending a romantic text or picture message this Valentine’s Day? According to a recent AT&T survey...

Feb 13, 2009

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Feb 13, 2009

The CC Weekly Weigh In: We’re In Love

You don’t have to have a Valentine to celebrate on February 14th. The holiday is all about love, be that...

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Feb 9, 2009

Girls: Take Back Date Night

Valentine’s day is coming up and I am slightly excited to say that I have myself a Valentine. Yay! Even...

Feb 9, 2009

A Single Girl’s Valentine’s Day

I’m just going to throw this out there: I haven’t had a boyfriend on Valentine’s Day since I was fifteen....

Feb 7, 2009

All Made Up: Be Your Own Valentine

Oh Valentines (read: Singles Awareness) Day.  Isn’t it grand? Watching your friends get flowers, chocolates, presents and fancy dinners.  You...

Feb 5, 2009

Make Face Time This Valentine’s Day (And Win Stuff!)

I’m sure you already are aware, but Valentine’s Day is slowly creeping up on us. For those of you who...

Feb 5, 2009

Valentine’s Day: Are You Into Flowers or Fishnets?

Walk through any mall and you will see one of two Valentine’s Day themes: The cute and romantic: teddy...

Jan 21, 2009

Guide to Snagging a Guy Before Valentine’s Day

You got everything you wanted for Christmas. You nailed the New Year’s Eve kiss. Hell, you even celebrated MLK Jr....