Jun 30, 2011

They're Baacck: Vinny, Ronnie, and the Situation Return to Jersey

For the past few weeks, the cast of MTV's Jersey Shore has been filming the 4th season of the show in Florence, Italy. Since the city of Florence had all these weird rules about the show filming (no filming inside nightclubs, no filming people drinking, etc...), it's no surprise that MTV decided to bring the cast back to Seaside Heights to film an episode or two. While we're used to seeing the infamous MVP (Mike, Vinny, and Pauly D), Pauly's nowhere to be seen in these pics, so enjoy these ridiculous new shots of MV... R.

Mar 24, 2011

Which Jersey Shore Juicehead is the Best Smush in Seaside? [POLL]

The time has come to put away the self tanner and slow down the fist pumping. Tonight is the season finale of Jersey Shore. Waaaaah (Snooki voice). Season 3 of everyone's guilty pleasure has brought us a lot of drama, a lot of toilet issues (from Deena's constipation to JWoww's public urination to Ronnie's bowel movements on steroids), and a LOT of smushing.

Gossip Cheat Sheet: Hollywood Gets Ready for the Holidays

Besides Lindsay Lohan being Lindsay Lohan and a few other tidbits of news, celebrity gossip was pretty slow this week....

Dec 24, 2010

Jersey Shore: She’s Phony, He’s Fake!

Other than, "OH YEAH, EVERGLADES, YEAH" it was really difficult for me to take anything away from last night's episode of Jersey Shore. Are we seriously dealing with a finale right now? I would've rather been watching South Park's ripoff of the Jersey cast....

Jersey Shore: The Decline of the Scumtuation

Last night's episode of the Jersey Shore finally put the last nail in the Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino coffin. Oh well, at least he has mad cooking skills to compete in Top Chef. I personally was heartbroken watching him go from house Papa Bear to ultimate entitled creepshow.

Oct 8, 2010


Was I watching an episode of Jersey Shore or "Antiques Roadshow" last night? It was hard to tell due to the fact that the show was so dull I almost felt like checking to see what was on PBS. No offense to you PBS, but you're not exactly bringing in the fist pumps every week.

Oct 1, 2010

Jersey Shore: Fistpumping, Frolicking and Fighting

We had many, many thoughts going into this episode. Many questions about how the Snooki/Angelina throwdown would go down. Questions on if Tee-Shirt time would make another appearance (it did). Questions if Pauly would, yet again, be a human alarm clock with a crazy Kool-Aid man "OH YEAHHHH!" voice (he was).

Sep 3, 2010

Jersey Shore: The Sizzling Questions

Let me just open with a bold statement: Ron and Sammi need to get off my television, ASAP. Their negativity is clogging up the screen and prohibiting Snooki from getting her fist pump on. Seriously, get these two epic losers off of MTV before I JWoww their whiny behinds.

Aug 27, 2010

Jersey Shore: Or Was It The Hills?

Okay, when did the Jersey Shore become about heartfelt "feelings" and "emotions" instead of bar fights, beating the beat and smushing? SERIOUSLY. Thank goodness we had MVP running a very serious game plan last night about how they were going to maneuver three girls and a grenade to get us through the hour.

Aug 20, 2010

Jersey Shore: “Who’s President of the I.F.F.?”

Who can't help but love the dysfunction of the Jersey Shore? This week, the gang (I feel like we're opening a summary of Scooby Doo. Come on - Snookie, Scooby... same thing?) deals with some hard-hitting moral dilemmas.

Jun 28, 2010

The Weekly Ten: I Can’t WAIT for the Jersey Shore!

Love it, hate it or live it, there's no denying that Jersey Shore fever has swept the nation. You better believe I almost went into full-on, panic attack, shortness of breath and reaching to call 911 on my duck phone for assistance when I saw the 10 minute preview of Jersey Shore 2. Point blank: It looks friggin' amazing.

Feb 11, 2010

From Popeater: The Jersey Shore Crew is Cashing In

Is season 2 really taking place in Miami? Who cares! OK, we do, but we care more about what our favorite guidos and guidettes are up to now that deep-pocketed wannabes are living in the 'Jersey Shore' beach house. And we know the answer. They're partying, and making hand-over-fistpump cash doing it.

Jan 21, 2010

Deep Thoughts from The Jersey Shore

Although I knew this relationship was toxic (to my brain, at least), I wasn’t willing to let go. At the end of the day The Jersey Shore DID offer me all of the wonderful things you would expect to get out of a relationship. I was entertained, always had a good laugh, and most importantly, it always made me feel good about myself.

Jan 7, 2010

Fist Pumpers Make Bank

I promised myself I would not fall head over heels for fist pumping and barber shop outings, but as quickly as you can say "duck phone" I was couldn't stop watching Pauly D burn coal in a gas grill. Thus opening the doors for a new guilty pleasure to enter my life, formally known as The Jersey Shore. If you asked me a month ago if I would be constructing my Guido name on Facebook, I would have told you to go smush yourself.