Jan 18, 2013

Styled and Studded [8 Under $20]

This week I found studded accessories, shoes, shirts, and leggings. Pair these clothes and accessories with the things you already own to really make your own rendition of the studded trend. Add the studded wallet from Zara to your already fabulous LBD. Or pair the hot pink top from Forever 21 with your favorite pair of skinny jeans

Sep 28, 2009

Wardrobe Wish List: Freitag Bags

I first learned about Freitag, a Swiss company, and its products while flipping through a magazine during a flight. What kept me reading the whole article instead of turning up the volume on my headphones to whatever random movie was playing on that mini screen 10 rows up was how they made their products. This wasn't just another ho-hum ad for a travel bag; Freitag was born from something bigger.

May 13, 2009

Money Matters: Free Summer Fun

I've mentioned this in recent posts, but I always use my summer vacation as a catalyst for next fall's budget. Many of you are saving money by living at home, or earning extra cash by taking on a summer job. However, when the sun comes out, it's a lot more tempting to go out and spend money.

Fashionably Techie: You Can Buy Geek Love… and It’s Cheap

So it’s the season of love. Yay! Love! But now you’re down to the last minute and you don’t know...

Is it Better to Give than to Receive?

The holidays are here and chances are, you’re either done with your shopping and psyched about your fabulous gifts, or...

Dec 24, 2008

Money Matters: Enjoy the Holidays on a Budget

[College kids are notorious for being poor. And why shouldn’t we be? We take out student loans to pay for...

Dec 17, 2008

Nov 3, 2008

How You Do: Planning a Trip

[I used to think I knew everything…until I found myself stranded in the middle of adulthood with no map and...

Oct 29, 2008

Money Matters Lesson 2: Credit Cards vs. Debit Cards

[College kids are notorious for being poor. And why shouldn’t we be? We take out student loans to pay for...

Sep 17, 2008

Pongr: Making Shopping Easier One Text At a Time

Some call shopping a sport. And I agree. I mean, think about it. In order to get the job done...

Aug 22, 2008

Credit Cards: Avoid Debt Disaster

Picture this: You’re thirty-five, and still paying for your Sophomore Spring Break to Cabo. It sounds crazy, but it’s a...

Aug 7, 2008

The Big Bag Theory

Gone are the days of dainty purses and miniscule wallets. They’re fine for special events, sure, but for everyday use,...

Jun 15, 2008

Hangover Chronicles 2: Top 5 Worst Things That Happened Last Night

You know those mornings. The ones when you and your girlfriends gather from your various places of shacking over lots...

Dec 10, 2007

Gifts For The Bro and Beau In Your Life!

If you’re anything like me, you have a brother (or two, or…god help you, three), and every year it’s pretty...