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15 Beauty Products That Are Actually Horrifying

Under no circumstances should you be smearing snail slime across your face.

Jan 2, 2016

15 Urban Legends That Are Actually True

Nowhere is safe from these horrors.

Nov 28, 2015

Nov 7, 2015

15 Weird Foods You Can Eat From Around The World

Put that chicken sandwich down and eat something that scares you.

Sep 23, 2015

If You Live In Japan, Hot Men Will Come Wipe Your Tears

You guys could have made a fortune off of me last semester.

Sep 16, 2015

7-Eleven Wants To Get You Laid & Cure Your Hangover

Taking the “convenience” of “convenience store” to a whole new level

Sep 3, 2015

Chi Omega Sister Drives Around Texas State Campus In Pink Barbie Jeep

Zooming about campus at a crazy five miles per hour.

Aug 27, 2015

16 Stock Photos That Make Absolutely No Sense

You need some good procrastination material.

Aug 21, 2015

Slender Man Stabbing: Teen Girls Plead Not Guilty

If the two girls are convicted as adults, they’ll face 65 years in prison.

Aug 13, 2015

Student Chops Off & Flushes Man's Penis

They say love makes you blind.