When Harry Met Sally

Mar 1, 2013

The 14 Best Movies to Watch On a Date [Dude’s List]

This is as varied and specific a list as it gets. Some people find the Aliens saga extremely romantic while others tend to be suckers for a cliché tearjerker like The Notebook. It’s a difficult decision oftentimes, finding that right balance of romance, sex appeal, tension and craft.

Jul 5, 2011

'80s Movies Every ‘90s Kid Should See

Like a classic '20s black and white film, some '80s movies need to be seen by everyone. Not only did some of them inspire horrendous remakes (cough Love Don't Cost a Thang cough) but most of them star some of our favorite actors today...back when they were a little younger and a little more awkward. Plus, liking '80s movies is totally in right now!

Apr 11, 2011

The Weekly Ten: Best Chick Flicks Ever

Okay, so a couple of weeks ago my weekly ten listed my top ten worst chick flicks ever. And you ladies had some pretty strong reactions to it and some pretty varied opinions. But amidst all those opinions I'm pretty sure I got the idea that you like chick flicks. And so do I. (Just not those.) I love chick flicks. Lots of them. There are so many amazing movies about women and for women, some about love, and some about life, that are labeled as chick flicks. And I'm not ashamed to admit that I've watched them more times than I can keep track of.

Couples That Make Us Love Love

So let's be real, we all cried a little bit when we found out Brad and Jen were splitting, and some of us are still sticking pins in our Angelina Jolie voodoo dolls not over it. In fact, thanks to our obsession with celebrities, faux-lebrities and TV/movies, we often find ourselves more invested in Hollywood/fictional couples than we do in our own relationships.

Duke It Out: Just Friends?

Assuming you haven't been living in a cave (or being Amish, but then you probably wouldn't be online) you've probably at least heard of the premise of When Harry Met Sally and the big question it poses - can men and women just be friends? Looks like the debate's on again - did it ever really stop? - and it's time we had our say!

Single. Without Any “Just Friends” Guy Friends

This past week has been a blur of free time that only comes in the brief break between finals and when summer school, internships, and jobs really get busy. With the weather being cold and rainy outside (it's like it KNOWS that finals are over and has sent the sun away to hide...), my plans for a group trip to the beach turned into a movie afternoon.

May 21, 2010

Apr 8, 2010

Sexy Time: Stop Faking It!

I learned about fake orgasms from The Simpsons. When I was a kid, I remember watching an episode in which Bart’s class was watching a sex-ed video. In the back of the class, smoking a cigarette, Mrs. Crabapple whispers under her breath “oh, she’s faking it.” Faking what, I didn’t really know at the time, and of course my sister replied to my questions with the standard “I’ll tell you when you’re older,” but it just took a little more whining and she told me everything.

Sep 9, 2009

Ask A Dude: Just Friends?

Dear Dude, The other day, I randomly met a guy at a bus stop who just got back from Europe. We clicked immediately, and hung out for about 2 hours. He has my number and email, but is it a bad idea just to ask him to hang out? I have no interest in a romantic aspect, and my female friends say I'm nuts.

Jul 13, 2009

I’m Torn: Boy Best Friends

We all have one. Some of us have two. You know who I'm talking about - that one guy you go to for just about everything. Whether you cuddle during chick flicks or meet up to play a game of basketball, you rely on him because he's your boy best friend. T

Jun 3, 2009

Is Taylor Swift Bad for Women?

It's the quintessential love story: Girl meets guy. There is drama. Guy leaves. Girl waits for guy. Guy comes back. Cue the happily ever after. Except...wait a second. He left her, right? And she waited around for him without any indication he was coming back? Um, we might need to reconsider this.

Apr 30, 2009

Sexy Time: Get to Know the Big O

Last weekend, I had the best orgasm of my life. (I apologize for the over-share, but it really needed to be said.) Days later, as I was thinking about that episode for the 258th time, I realized that I don’t really know much about my best friend, the orgasm.

Mar 23, 2009

Fake Orgasms. The Big No.

I’ll be the first to admit that we females are fickle, fickle creatures. Men have a hard time (whether that be their lack of capability or common sense) figuring us out on many levels.

Jan 30, 2009

G.W.W.E.: Harry “Hot for Me” Connick, Jr.

(We’re back with another weekly installment of G.W.W.E. [Guys We Wanna Eff]. It’s official: the winter doldrums have set in,...