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Winter Trends

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Jan 10, 2012

8 Under $20: Texture

One trend that's been popping up over and over again in stores and on runways the last few seasons is textured clothing. This could be items with appliqués, all-over beading or sequins, added ruffles or fringe, and even (hopefully faux) fur – anything that adds dimension and interest.

Dec 31, 2010

Budget Stylista: 3 Layered Looks

Come winter, I seem to gain about 10 pounds. I'm never sure if this is actual holiday weight, or whether it's just the appearance of bulky layers. Living in Minnesota for the year I'm getting used to the cold, but not what I look like in the mirror.

Dec 18, 2010

CollegeFashion Fashion Challenge: Wear Sparkle During the Day

Finals are FINALLY coming to an end! After a grueling month of December, I’m sure you’re just as excited as I am to go home and have a nice break for a change. There are plenty of reasons to celebrate this time of year, and a great way to look festive is by rocking sparkly pieces.

Dec 7, 2010

8 Under $20: Velvet [GALLERY]

One of the biggest fashion trends for the 2010-2011 fall/winter season is velvet. The ultra-soft fabric looks and feels luxurious, so it's great for holiday parties. It's also warm, making it perfect for cold weather.

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Dec 3, 2010

Budget Stylista: Hot Accessories for a Cold Winter

Sure with winter comes snow angels and holidays (and holiday presents!) and hot chocolate by the fireplace and winter break... But with the snow comes slush, boots, puffy jackets and that ridiculously long walk to class where your fingers freeze and your nose runs and your eyes tear and then the tears freeze.

8 Under $20: Warm and Fuzzy

When it comes to staying warm in the colder months, there's nothing like faux fur: it's so soft, warm, and chic. Plus, it's a much more humane and wallet-friendly solution for those of us who love the look and coziness of fur, but are on a budget and/or hate the idea of wearing real fur.

Nov 16, 2010

The Doc (Marten) Will See You Now

After perusing the style sections of some of my favorite magazines and websites, I've discovered something horrifying. Well, besides the price tags next to my favorite items. Much to my dismay, DOC MARTENS are back.

Feb 23, 2010

8 Under $20: Tights

I love tights. They not only keep me warm during the winter, but they’re also a fun way to express...

Feb 2, 2010

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Jan 11, 2010

Wardrobe Wish List: Shopbop Custom Denim Studded Skinny Jean

Some of us are extremely frugal - we buy new clothes once a year and never let window displays tempt us into spending our food allowance on a new pair of heels. The rest of us set find ourselves failing miserably year after year as we break our news year's resolution of spending less money as a sale induced coma ends in yet another mini shopping spree.

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Jan 4, 2010

Wardrobe Wishlist: Express High-Waist Geometric Pencil Skirt

As winter break winds down, I’m starting to have nightmares of exams, a jam packed calendar, and having my alarm wake me up before noon. But no matter how much I dread it, next semester is coming and it’s coming fast.

Jan 3, 2010

From CollegeFashion: How To Wear Trendy Winter Tights

As the weather continues to grow colder, wearing our favorite spring and summer skirts and dresses becomes increasingly difficult if not impossible. If you’re a girly-girl, or just one to embrace a year-round feminine look, you’ve probably been trying to adapt to the changing seasons without losing any of your style.

Dec 11, 2009

Candy Dish: Chris Brown is Getting Angry

• Chris Brown is so over the Rihanna thing, OK? • Kim Zolciak still thinks she can sing. • So, Tiger Woods used escorts? • Students still freaking out about the job hunt. • P Diddy was an elementary school pimp. • Time to rock winter's hottest trends.

Dec 8, 2009

8 Under $20: Get Ready For The Holiday Parties!

So Hanukkah begins on Friday and Christmas is 17 days away, which means it's time for holiday parties, dinners, and gatherings of family and friends. And that means you'll need some super cute looks to show off.

Dec 8, 2009

Candy Dish: In Non-Tiger News…

• Stop going after the Jews, Lilo! • Hookin' up is dangerous! • Tila Tequila vs. Rihanna? Are you kidding? • 7 body parts dudes love just the way they are. • Miley Cyrus moves up in the world. • Ooo lala! Patterned tights!

Dec 6, 2009

Ask StyleBakery: What’s The Best Way To Wear Booties?

Not only are ankle boots a huge trend, but they're also extremely versatile. You can wear them with jeans or leggings or in place of a pump with dresses and skirts. Since booties range from super low (sometimes called shooties) to heights that are well above your ankle bone, how you wear your boots depends on the style of boot.

Oct 30, 2009

The CC Weekly Weigh In: This Season’s Fashion Must-Haves

One of the best things about fall (besides Halloween, candy corn, pumpkin everything, Honeycrisp apples, etc.) is switching up your wardrobe. If you live in a colder climate like me, each October you yank your tanks and dresses from your closet (shed a few tears) and swap 'em out for the sweaters and boots stuffed under your bed.

Nov 10, 2008

Cheap, Hot Trends for Fall/ Winter Fashion

We all look to magazines for our fashion sense and know-how, but what if we can’t afford all those styles...