• Web Spy: Nitro PDF Reader

    Most of the standard PDF readers (like Adobe Acrobat or Preview on Macs) don't allow you to make any sort of edits, so if you want to be able to add notes or highlight important sections like you would with a regular textbook, you'll have to spend your money to print them out. That's why you should try out Nitro PDF Reader. It's the only free PDF reader and creator on the market that also allows for editing.

  • Save a Bundle on Textbooks With Chegg

    We all know the best part of going back to school is not buying textbooks. Reuniting with friends? Definitely. Kicking off another season of college football? Absolutely. Epic rush parties? Bring it on. Shelling out hundreds of hard-earned dollars for overpriced books? WTF.

  • 10 Things That Will Be Obsolete When Our Children are in College

    Our generation has been called a lot of things over the years, and not all of them have been particularly flattering. But I think we can all agree that we are the generation that thrives on technology. They call us the "thumb generation" because we're always texting or typing, and that's not really something we can argue with. We are the age of the internet, the cell phone, and the ipad. We are the age of all things digital.

  • Get Free Textbooks for a Year! [Giveaway]

    School is starting soon and although I am fully stoked to party it up with my long-lost friends (we're seriously having separation anxiety!), I keep thinking about how much money this semester is going to cost me. Mainly, the dreaded textbooks purchase.

  • 11 Things in College I’m Not Thankful For [GALLERY]

    With study sessions fueled by Hot Pockets and Monster energy drinks, Thanksgiving has been the light at the end of this dark tunnel. Seeing family and friends, eating a hearty home-cooked meal, and doing absolutely nothing but sleeping and shopping for days in a row... it's almost too good to be true.

  • CollegeCandy’s Guide To Selling Those Books

    Campus bookstores suck. They convince you that you need to buy a textbook for $150, and you'll crack it open on that one day you were bored feeling studious, before realizing your exams are straight from the class notes/Powerpoint slides and you don't even need that 10 pound eyesore in the first place.

  • Duke It Out: The Textbook Throwdown

    It's textbook time again - the moment when you look down your syllabus and groan at the hundreds of dollars that could have gone to things like food (or that fantasy fall wardrobe) that you will instead be laying down for an eight-pound anatomy book. Sigh. Well, don't get your panties in a bunch just yet; suddenly, there may be other options.

  • Warning: Be Careful Where You Sell Your Books!

    One of our readers was recently scammed by a website that buys and sells textbooks from students. Textbookwheel.com offers great prices for books and free shipping, obviously a very enticing offer. Only, what you get in return is a check that's about 1/10 of what you were originally offered!

  • Fashionably Techie: Kindle Your Love of Reading

    I love books. I just unpacked my massive book collection and filled like ten shelves with those suckers. Everything from horror to fantasy to sci-fi to children’s to textbooks - I refused to sell anything back because it was pretty much a rip off. Seriously, $15 for a book I spent $100 on? And never opened?

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  • Goodreads: The Place for Book Nerds

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