You Owe It To Yourself: 10 Resolutions Worth Making in 2014

If you’re anything like me—your resolutions are pretty much the same every year. My resolutions generally consist of budgeting, paying off credit cards, and losing weight.
Not only are my resolutions often the same, but they’re often pretty unattainable. Lose 15 pounds in 2 months. Pay off 3 credit cards in 6 months. Limit spending money to $200 a month. These resolutions aren’t going to change my life, because they aren’t sustainable. Come February I’m usually in full swing binge mode (of both money and all of the food).
So this year, I’m challenging myself myself to make resolutions to change my life, my energy, my surroundings. Not merely to change my habits for a few months, but to really find sustainable change. I want this year to be fresh, to be a new start, and for the resolutions I make to really mean something. I’ll be 25 this year. It feels important.
Here are 10 resolutions I think are worth making this year.
1. Be Positive. Stop being so negative. Stop judging. It’s hard when negativity is literally everywhere. But try. When you see a girl at the pool with a hot body, don’t judge. Don’t be jealous. Don’t compare. Say, man she must work hard to get that way — and then move on with your life.
2. Be Content. You are where you are supposed to be. Even if you don’t believe that — you are where you are. Deep right? Enjoy the moment, enjoy what you have, find a bit of happiness every single day.
3. Appreciate More. Appreciate your body. Appreciate your friends. Appreciate your family. Appreciate what you have, instead of longing for something else. Take stock of the good in your life now and focus on that — not on what you hope you will have later.
4. Be Open. Open to new people, new experiences, new foods. Just be open. Say yes when you want to say no. Go out when you want to stay in. Join that Meet-Up group or club you’ve been just a little too afraid to try. Be open!
5. Get What You Want. Focus on yourself, not on other people. Go out because you want to, not because someone is making you. Have that extra cupcake because it’s delicious, and don’t feel guilty about it. Don’t spend time with people that aren’t giving you what you give them. Focus on you. This is your year!
6. Be Active. Move your body. Move in different ways. Try a dance class or a Zumba class. Spend more time moving than you spend being inert. See how it makes you feel this year.
7. Be Patient. Not everything will happen the way you want it, right when you want it. Those 20 pounds won’t fall off in a month. Those credit cards won’t go away overnight. Your relationship won’t become better because you will it. Be patient. It will happen when it needs to happen.
8. Be Better. At something. At anything. At everything! Be a better friend, be better at cleaning, be a better employee, be better at journaling, be better in the gym, be a better cook. Just be better.
9. Read more. Read more blogs, magazines, books, biographies, trashy novels—just read more. Expand your own worldview in some way with words. Escape into other worlds. Experience new perspectives.
10. Let Go. Let go of anger towards an ex. Let go of being too hard on yourself for not completing every resolution you set out to. Let go of judgment. Let go of expectations. Let go of regret. Let go of something, and start the new year of a lighter you.
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