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What is LuLu And How Is It Ruining Relationships?


If you haven’t downloaded the LuLu app, go do it. Right now. Seriously, I’ll wait.

LuLu is the craziest thing I have seen since Tinder (and that’s saying something). Basically, every man who has ever existed on Facebook is on here for women to judge. Yes, for women to judge. Mainly it’s for hook ups—but friends can also go on and rate their friends if they want to give them a boost. Otherwise, you find the person you want to date or have pieced up, and you answer a series of questions.

How polite is he? How well endowed? Was he a good kisser? Would he cook you dinner? Did he seem faithful? Did he go down on you? Etc, etc.

Once you “rate” this dude, your answers are turned into generic hashtags.

Now the fun begins! The next time a girl has a blind date or is debating hooking up a particular dude, they can search LuLu for him, read his reviews, and decide whether or not that’s the guy they want to hook up with.

I have a few issues with this app.

The first, and most importantly, can you just imagine if this was a thing for men to judge women they’ve banged? I mean, seriously. Just imagine it. People would go crazy. But somehow, with the genders reversed, it’s a-ok.

Secondly, it’s biased. If a girl goes out with a guy, hook up, but nothing more happens—that does not necessarily mean this is a bad dude. T means he’s not good for her, probably, but to go off of her opinions would just be a crazy way to decide whether or not to date someone.

I highly recommend downloading it just to see—it’s pretty entertaining. But, please, do not decide to date or break up with someone based on a generic hashtag by a jilted internet lover, I beg of you.

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