How To Deal If Your Boo Is A Stage 5 Clinger


Nobody likes a super needy person. They can get really irritating after awhile. Sometimes, people are just cling ons that we can’t get away from. Unfortunately, sometimes those people become our significant others. In relationships, there is usually one person who cares more than the other. In some cases, this person can turn into a major clinger. They call, text, e-mail, Facebook, etc. all the live long day–constantly keeping in contact with you and constantly making your life difficult.

Hello! Everybody needs some “me” time every now and then. How are you supposed to get any alone time with your boyfriend or girlfriend showing up at your place unannounced and asking you where you’ve been all day? Things can get messy. Things can get ugly. It’s really a shame too because at the end of the day, a stage five clinger just wants to be loved like they love you. Sure it’s creepy and weird and a little unnerving to know that there is someone out there who¬†literally¬†never stops thinking about you, but isn’t it also flattering in a way? I mean, come on, who has ever cared about you that much that wasn’t your mom?

Before you throw in the towel with your needy boo, why not try to sit down and have a talk with them? There are many ways to make it work before you end the relationship.

Head on over to and listen to their sex and relationship expert give her two-cents about this situation and find out more ways to deal with a clingy significant other.

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