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Total Body Bliss: Tone Everything with the Girls from Tone It Up [CC’s ShapeU]


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Okay, so I’ve featured these beach babes before, but if you’re new to ShapeU – or to the fitness circuit in general – Karena and Katrina of Tone It Up are EVERYWHERE! I mean it…literally, like, everywhere! From this morning’s TODAY Show in NYC, to last week’s premiere of their new reality hit Toned Up on Bravo, these fit chicks are taking over the world (well, maybe just the fitness world, but still, it’s impressive).

So in honor of these two gurus, and at the risk of seeming creepily obsessed with them (guilty), this week’s ShapeU workout is coming to you directly from them – and by them, I mean their website. K-squared are the queens of total body toning, and they have exactly what you need to tone every inch in a matter of minutes.¬†Here’s their amazing Total Body Bliss routine!

Total Body Bliss

Click the image to see it larger.

Just follow their lead and you’ll have an amazing workout for your entire body, perfect to take anywhere, and any time you wish! Side Note: No beach required – although, I think they do it to keep us motivated…I mean, have you seen those abs!¬†

Enjoy the routine, and tune in this week for Toned Up! You Know I will!

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