10 Things You Need to Do During Your Last Semester of Undergrad

The new year means only one thing for college seniors: the final semester is here. Depending on your life plan, entering the home stretch of college can hold different significance. For some it’s the last semester of school EVER. For others, it’s the last step between you and grad school. It’s a weird time, a time where you’re trying to enjoy the present but more often than not you find yourself worrying about the future and what awaits you.
Uncertainty becomes your familiar friend as you try to navigate the confusing “after” that comes with graduating. In the eyes of the world you’re officially an adult, even if you don’t feel that way. But right now, you’re in your final semester of senior year. Try not to think too much about what’s coming at you in May, and focus on the fact that you’ve still got another four months to kick back and call yourself an undergrad. Here are 10 things you’ll want to do before grduating college in order to make the most of your pre-real world status…
1. Early morning walk on campus. When was the last time you’ve been on campus and not seen people? Exactly. Every college campus has some beauty to it. Experience it with no one else around.
2. Make a new friend. College is the last time you’ll be surrounded by so many people your age. Take advantage of it.
3. Run around the football stadium at night. Even if you weren’t the most school-spirited, there’s something exhilerating about being in an arena when no one’s there. Get a group of friends and go on a night run.
4. Senior showcase with your friends. If you have a group of friends with diverse majors, you most likely won’t be at each other’s graduation ceremonies. So make your own! Have a showcase to reminicse.
5. Do a service project. Before you get busy with life, do something for others. There are so many service opportunities available on campus.
6. Get an underclassmen to swipe you into the dining hall. Midway through senior year, you’re probably tired of your ramen and poptarts. Even if your dining hall wasn’t that great, getting someone younger to swipe you in will make it that much better.
7. Go to your favorite professor’s office hours. Office hours are so under utilized by students. Take the time to thank your professor for what they taught you.
8. Sit in on a class from outside of your major or one you never got the chance to take. There were so many classes that i never got around to taking. Even if it’s only for a day, sit in and learn something.
9. Make a memory just for yourself. This could mean a number of things but do something just for yourself. Not a memory of you and your friends but of you going out of your comfort zone.
10. Don’t become obssessed with “lasts.” Please don’t become that person who is always like, “this is the last time I’ll…” It takes you out of the moment and the memory. Enjoy the now, or you’ll end up crying everytime you do something.
What else will you be doing? Let us know in the comments below!
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