Tiffany Ezuma

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Feb 25, 2015

Your Pretty Little Liars Cheat Sheet: Burns, Blood, & Brits Edition

Are things still weird with the Liars? Of course!

Feb 17, 2015

The Bachelor Weeks 7 & 8: Power Ranking the Top 6

He always seems like the cat has his tongue because homeboy never knows what to say.

Your Pretty Little Liars Cheat Sheet: Old Hotties Show Up

The girls are making all the usual terrible choices this week.

Feb 11, 2015

The Bachelor Week 6: Power Ranking the Best Left Riding the Farmer

At this point in the game, there's really only the top two, the bottom two, and everyone else.

Feb 10, 2015

Feb 3, 2015

The Bachelor Week 5: Power Ranking the 5 Most Desperate Contestants

This is the week we’ve been waiting for, our first to be continued! TBC on this type of show always means that something crazy happened.

Jan 28, 2015

Your Pretty Little Liars Cheat Sheet: The Bin of Sin

This week the girls continue to face the future while the past still haunts them.

Jan 27, 2015

The Bachelor Week 4: Power Ranking The Women Pitching Chris's Tent

In honor of what could have been, let’s discuss the top five women pitching Chris’s tent this week.

Jan 21, 2015

Your Pretty Little Liars Cheat Sheet: Over a Barrel

What are the liars getting up to this week?

Jan 20, 2015

The Bachelor: Power Ranking The Top 5 Sister Wives

Let’s be honest, if you’re not in the top five on this show then you might as well be dead or fat, which is probably seen as the same fate to many of the contestants.

Jan 14, 2015

Your Pretty Little Liars Cheat Sheet: Fresh Meat

It's college acceptance season for the liars.