Your Pretty Little Liars Cheat Sheet: Through A Glass, Darkly

TV just isn’t the same when we can’t watch our liars fight for their lives! The mid-season premiere kicked off with Mona’s funeral, giving the girls another chance to show off their chic funeral attire.
1. Ali: Her episode started off with “the slap heard ’round the world!” Like everyone else in town, Mrs. Vanderwaal thinks that Ali is responsible for Mona’s death. She left a hand print on Ali’s face with the power slap she delivered. Good for her! The rest of the girls are still icing her out, and she’s officially pretty liar enemy #1. Even Jason, her own brother, doesn’t really support her but only does it out of a sense of duty. She should work on her people skills since only creepy Ms.  Grunwald seems to want the best for her. If she is telling the truth that A set her up, it’s falling on deaf ears since she still got arrested for Mona’s murder. She gave the other girls an ominous warning that A would get them, and she may have been telling the truth judgin by that fireworks display after she went to jail.
2. Spencer: Prep Princess is about to be a jail-bird yet again. Someone has come forward to say that Spencer was in the backyard when Bethany Young was murdered, so her bail may be revoked. The only way to get out of it is to tie Ali to Mona’s murder and link her killing to Bethany’s, but that’s proving to be an impossible task since Jason won’t admit he’s lying for Ali. Luckily, Spencer playing the half-sister card worked and after watching a tape of Mona’s attack, he told the detectives that the attacker may have been Ali since he lied for her.
3. Aria: Things are not looking so good for Aria. She may be my least favorite but it must be tough when her little bro, Magic Mike, doesn’t want to talk to her about his dead girlfriend (He wasn’t really acting like she was dead…does MM know something we don’t?). And on top of that, she found out she didn’t get into Oberlin! I like how we still pretend that going to college is something that will really happen for this bunch. But props to her for her life alert whistle! She busted out an orange whistle when Ali tried to harass her into idolizing her again. Not gonna work, even Aria has more of a brain than that. And homegirl was trapped in plastic and stapled to a wall like she was caught in a human spiderweb!
4. Emily: Why can Emily never have nice things?! This girl has such bad luck when it comes to her love life. She and Paige were finally in a good groove, and now Paige’s parents want her to move to a safer place in California. Emily is wise to point out that Cali does have earthquakes but I think I’d take my chances over Murder City aka Rosewood. It was sad to see the girls part at the airport, but it makes sense for Paige to go.  Emily’s always proved to be the most loyal of the bunch but she took that to another level when she came up with an idea to plant Ali’s hairbrush in Mona’s house, so that she would be tied to the murder. Not sure if it’s the best idea, considering her prints were all over the brush too.
5. Hanna: Of course Hanna would be cute enough to believe in psychics. But Ms. Grunwald and her freaky blue eyes is the one psychic I would believe. She sounded like the Oracle of Delphi (look at that, my English degree paying off), as she spoke of Mona’s soul not having an easy passage to the next world. She took it hard since Mona was her only friend for a while and her flashback proved that Mona was also her biggest cheerleader. Makes me miss nice Mona. Hell, any Mona! She was a great character.
Quote of the night goes to: Mike! Mike made me have all the feels when he told Aria that Mona “…wasn’t nice. Anyone can be nice. There will never be anyone like her. Ever.” Awwww, swoon! He’s turning into quite the nice young man.
So, is Ali really not A? Who attacked Aria at the bookstore? Will Toby prove his worth as a cop? We’ll find out more next week!

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